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Author: wonsu_garkyub
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun ; WonKyu
Word Count: 2005
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  not mine
Author's note: This is inspired by the song "NOTHING" by The Script, It's sad but put some effort to lighten the mood.
Hope you like it!


     “Come on Kyuhyun, let’s go out and have fun. There’s no use moping around here.” My ‘brothers’ said as they try to pick me up off the corner of my room.
      They forcibly pushed me into the bathroom and said. “Don’t do anything stupid in there, just take a quick shower. If you haven’t cleaned yourself up in ten minutes we’ll be coming in there and bathe you like the baby you are!”
      I didn’t want to do anything tonight or until tomorrow night and maybe the night after that. I don’t want to ‘go out and have fun’ but I certainly don’t want to be bathed by eight hyungs.
      I did take a shower but I didn’t go out in 10 minutes. I just stood under the running water after the last bubble from the soap washed away from my body. I just stood there and cried, if it was possible to cry with water also streaming down your face, I did. I was unable to stop the shower just as I was unable to stop my tears from coming.
      I didn’t know I was crying so hard my ‘brothers’ were able to get in the bathroom without me realizing it. Fortunately, I still had my boxers on when I got in the shower. I wouldn’t want to be known as the ‘crying naked man in the bathroom.’
      “Hey! It’s already been 10 minutes, why are you not done yet?” Shindong asked as Leeteuk pulled me out and wrapped a towel around me and somebody else threw a towel on my head. Sungmin bravely dove thru the pouring water and turned off the shower.

     “Go on, dress up. We already laid out some clothes for you.”

     I don’t really want to go, but I also don’t want them to help me out in putting my clothes on. I can perfectly do it on my own. I dressed up, brushed my hair and put on my favorite sneakers but I didn’t go out of my room. I sat on the corner again, wishing they’d just leave me alone.

     “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Come on, we’re leaving now.” Heechul pulled me up and pushed me out of the door.
     I’ve been pulled and pushed in all sorts of manner in less than 30 minutes. I groaned as I thought about what else is going to happen to me for the rest of the evening.


     Our destination was just a couple of blocks away but some managers came with us to ‘chaperone’ us. Pffft. As if they have to. Freeloaders.

     We arrived at a section of the city where bars and pubs alternate with restaurants on both sides of the street. Shindong’s parents’ owned the only mixed bar and restaurant there, so naturally that’s where we go to unwind. And if discounts were always applied to our bills, I’m sure, the business would have gone bankrupt a long time ago.

     Cheery greetings were exchanged as we were ushered to a private dining area.

    My hyungs. Really. Their idea of going out and having fun is to eat and drink at their parents’ place of business. Pffft.

     So we ate and we drank. Well I mostly drank. They mostly ate. Leeteuk was trying to stop me from drinking too much.

     “I’m okay,hyung. Besides, you all wanted me to get out of the dorm and forget my problems, right?” I said to him and drank another shot that came my way.

     I’m going to the comfort room.” I said after another round, but really, I just want to get out of there. So I headed to the front of the restaurant, waving goodbye to Shindong’s mom and exited the building.

     A cool breeze greeted me and it momentarily set my thoughts right. I oriented myself to the direction of Siwon’s house and started to walk towards it. I really have to talk to him. Don’t care if I get run over on my way there, just need to get there and see him, and talk to him, and kiss him, and hug him, and never let him go again. Fortunately, there wasn’t much vehicles in the street tonight. Got to his street in one piece.

     As I left the bar and restaurant district and came nearer to where Siwon lived, I thought I saw him walking ahead of me and I started calling out his name.

     “Siwon.” Maybe he didn’t hear me.

     “Siwon.” I tried again. My voice sounded hoarse.

     “Siwon?” I was wondering why he doesn’t look back.

     “Siwon!” The figure ahead seemed to walk faster.

     “Siwon! Wait!” I think I was shouting now.

     “Siwon please! I want to talk to you!” I stumbled toward some railings and fences. Somebody’s been drinking too much tonight.

     “Siwon come back! Listen to me!” I managed to walk a few steps more. And I’m nearly in front of his house.

     “Damn you Siwon! Why won’t you listen?! I’m here, I want to talk to you!” I felt hands grabbing my shoulders from behind. They startled me.

     “Kyuhyun! What the hell were you thinking? You’re making a scandal in this neighborhood and you’re making an ass of yourself!” Heechul said gripping my arm and stopping me from going further.

     “Ah! Hyung! You’re here. I was just trying to call Siwon so we can talk.” I said, as I try to get away from his hands. Siwon’s house was now right there. In front of us.

     “Siwon! I’m here! Come out and talk to me!”

     “W-what the…! Stop it!” Heechul and the others were pouncing on me trying to stop me from shouting further.

     “Come on. Let’s take him home.” Leeteuk instructed to no one.

     “Hyung. Siwon. Just want to talk with him.” I said in a pleading voice.

     “Yah. Just not right now.”

     Leeteuk and Heechul pushed me inside a cab they called to pick us up. The rest walked back to shake off the alcohol in them. We arrived at the dorm in no time. The two elders led me in and sat me on the couch. I slumped there. They moved off. Leeteuk murmured something about making some tea. Heechul said he’d run some hot water for me.


     Siwon. I need to talk to him. I want him to change his mind about his decisions. I want him to know that I still love him and I want him back into my life and that breaking off with him was the most stupid thing I did (besides being stone drunk right now) in my entire life.
I took out my phone and dialed his number. No tone. Not even “The number you dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area.”  
     I dialed again and again. Nothing.

     The two older hyungs came back to the living room. Teukie held out a cup of tea for me.

     “Thanks Hyung.”

     “After that, you could at least wash your face and change into more comfortable clothing.”

     “Ah, hyung, my phone seems to be broken ‘cause I can’t reach Siwonnie from this. Could you do me a favor and call him from your phone?”

     They looked at each other and sighed at the same time. Leeteuk sat on the floor while Chulie sat beside me.

     “Your phone’s not broken, Kyu.”

     “It is ‘cause I can’t reach Siwonnie from it.”

     “It’s not broken.” Heechul said firmly.

     “Then why don’t you try calling him from my phone so I can prove to you I’m right.” I argued in my drunken haze.

     Teukie finally spoke. “You can’t reach him ‘cause his phone is the one broken.”

     “Oh.?!” I said. “Well I guess I’ll have to try and catch him on the internet.” I started to stand up to go to my room but I stumbled forward, almost landing on Teukie.

     They helped me back on the sofa again.

     Teukie patiently handed me the tea again and Heechul brought me a lukewarm face towel to freshen me up.

     “Kyu, listen. Try to remember what happened.”

     “Happened to who? Look hyung, I just want to be able to talk with Siwon right now so let me go and get my laptop. I couldn’t care less whatever happened to anybody.”

     “Even if it’s Siwon?” Heechul asked trying to control his facial expression.

      “Something happened to Siwon?” All the drunkenness drained out of me. And suddenly everything seem to come back to my memory.

     We had a fight. A huge one. It was about the military service. Eunhyuk, Donghae and him will go in after the last leg of the concert is done. He wants me to join them now so we’ll also come out at the same time. I refused. I reasoned to him all the K. R. Y. schedules that I still have but it’s only because I still don’t want to do the military service yet. And it’s because I don’t feel capable of doing all those physical exercises yet. But I didn’t tell him that. I just let my stubborn self tell him that I didn’t want to join them right now. I didn’t tell him that I want to be with him during those times but, I don’t want him to see me being vulnerable and weak.

     We weren’t able to settle anything. I left him angry and hurt with my refusal. And then something big happened. That is why I refused to get out of the dorm and that is why I was crying too much.

     I remember now. Siwon had an accident. He tried to follow me as I jog ahead of him towards the park where I thought I should re-think my decision. Then I heard the loud impact behind me.

     I curiously looked back and saw a person lying face down on the street, a few meters away from the car. As an instinct, I ran back to help the person. But as I got near, I recognized the clothing. It was now getting drenched in blood but I still recognize it. The person who got hit by a car and lying face down on the street was Siwon.

     I looked at the driver of the car but I just stared at him as he nervously tried to talk to somebody on the phone while trying to apologize to nobody in particular. I couldn’t blame him for what happened. If I hadn’t ran away from Siwon, he wouldn’t have gone after me.

     I frantically shouted. “Call an ambulance! Call the emergency service! Please! We need help here!”

     My hands were shaking as I took out my phone and dialed Teukie’s number. “Hyung!” I almost shouted on the phone. “Please come here at the park’s corner near our building! Siwon had an accident!” I never waited for a reply. I hung up the phone as I started crying while I held Siwon’s hand. It was getting cold.

     “No, no! Baby please hang on! Help is coming now.”

     All of them came and was horrified to see Siwon lying there and bloodied. Heechul and I went with the ambulance. Siwon’s frantic parents arrived at the hospital just as he was being rushed to surgery.


     I can’t thank the Lord hard enough for letting Siwon survive the accident and surgery. But there was a price to pay for all of this. Siwon’s parents learned of the cause of his accident. They talked to me not with shouts and accusations but with calm voices, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt.
     They said I should stop coming to the hospital and visiting him. They also said that once he regains consciousness, they’ll take him to Japan or Australia for further medical attention. From then on, I should stop trying to contact them or Siwon himself.
     That’s when my world crumbled. I wasn’t even given the chance to tell him how sorry I was this happened.
     Although I heard Siwon regained consciousness the other day, I can’t celebrate because I know he’d be brought abroad by his parents. This morning they left. This morning I died inside.


Never Let Him Go

The Only Exception

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