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The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Title:  The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Author/s:    wonsu_garkyub and happybluebastard

Characters:  Kyuhyun, Siwon, Leeteuk, Kang Sora, Eunhyuk, Donghae

Pairings: WonKyu, TeukSo, EunHae, KyuSo hopeful

Rating: PG

Summary: The very first time he saw her, he thought she was the one. She’s cuteness personified. She can be elegant and dignified at one time then giggly and girlish the next. Plus there’s this one special thing that attracted him the most….

If there are some things that Cho Kyuhyun is consistent about telling time and again during interviews, it’s his love for movie and television dramas and girls with pretty foreheads. 



Their Leader Leeteuk has just started to take on the role of the father for the new season of Hello Baby when it was also announced that he is also going to star in the series We Got Married. Everybody was hooting and patting him in disbelief.

“Who will that unlucky girl be?” was the question most asked.

“I don’t know either.” Leeteuk good-naturedly answered. “But they say they’ll film our first meeting next weekend. That’ll only be the time that I’ll also meet her.”

“Pahh, why do we have to wait that long to meet her?”

“Apparently, she’s also very active and busy with her own career.”

“First, you got a baby. Then you got a girl group to be the mother of your baby, and now this? You’re going to be married to an actress? They should’ve picked one of us instead for ‘We Got Married’!” Eunhyuk protested.

“Maybe Leeteuk hyung is dying and the producers are making his wishes come true.” Kyuhyun said.

“Kyuhyun! How could you say that to our leader? He’s not dying! He’s just getting older – and weaker.” Donghae pointed out to the maknae.

“Hey! Hey guys! We’re supposed to be discussing my marriage, not my age.” Leeteuk said.  “Besides, once in a while the leader of the number one global hallyu idol group should experience the joys of having a baby and a wife before going into army.”

The boys of Super Junior burst out in hysterical laughter. “Hyung, you just made it sound like you begged the producers to have you as their lead!”


Leeteuk’s first meeting to the mysterious girl who is going to be his ‘wife’ will be in a theater. Leeteuk will wait for her at the seats while four members  will watch over them in the projection room.

Leeteuk’s heart was beating a thousand beats per second as he waited inside a deserted theatre where they were supposed to meet. An actress was going to be his wife and now his nervousness has reached a whole new level.  Suddenly the projector went on and showed a short clip of the actress. Leeteuk was just amazed on how beautiful Kang Sora is. He had been smiling ever since the clip started , his cheeks were hurting. Suddenly just as the clip has finished Kang Sora entered the theatre. She was looking chic in a black mini dress with her hair stylishly tied up. Her skin was porcelain-like; her eyes sparkled and her smile was warm; her dimples were just perfect.

“Teukie hyung is so lucky!! Kang Sora is so pretty... I think hyung is the luckiest man on earth.” Sungmin shook his head in astonishment.

The four of them – Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Donghae – were requested by the show’s producer to guest for the first episode just to make the ratings go up. Leeteuk was unaware of them being on the show.

“Just look at her. Her perfectly shaped body, her milky white skin, her eye smile, her – ”

“Her forehead.”

“Her forehe- wait what? Kyuhyun don’t mix your weird fetishes with mine.” Eunhyuk said as he playfully mocked the maknae.

“Well I think her forehead is pretty and cute. See? It has just the right width and it looks so smooth!” Kyuhyun pointed out.

“Hey Hyukjae! What did you say about her?” Donghae said with a tone of disapproval. He kept on glaring at the blonde man.

“N-no Hae. I was just saying it for the cameras. The viewers should know how Kang Sora looks like.” Eunhyuk quickly said in defense.

Even after they were allowed to take a break – since Leeteuk and Sora were taking a very long awkward time to talk – Kyuhyun kept on thinking of how pretty the actress was in real life. He had seen her in movies and dramas but never did he imagine that he would be able to see her in person. Everything about her was perfect. He thinks its funny how he’d catch himself smiling and staring at Kang Sora, her pretty forehead and cute dimply cheeks.

Kyuhyun mentally slaps himself. What was he thinking? This girl is his big brother’s “wife”. How could he “fantasize” about her? Specifically her body parts. Now that’s not right. It makes him seem like a pervert.  But he couldn’t help it, he really finds her features too  cute and he really liked looking at it  that’s why he peeked thru the small window again.   


“Hey Kyuhyun, your lips looked a bit chapped.” Sungmin said and broke Kyuhyun’s daydream.

“Too bad Siwon is not here to lend you his lipbalm!” Eunhyuk teased the maknae.

Kyuhyun was startled at the mention of Siwon as he touched his chapped lips. He smiled to himself. He’s been missing the big guy so much lately - Siwon had to do other projects as a solo artist, particularly as an actor- and he had to do it so far away from the group that he had to miss on the other activities as well.

Now Kyuhyun is  doing some side projects of his own. Recording several singles. Doing commercials. Starring in a  musical and just today appearing as part of Fighting Junior, a group “dedicated to appear in times of awkwardness” between Leeteuk and virtual wife Kang Sora. 

“Aaahh, Sora-sshi! Why do you have to be so cute. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind.“ Kyuhyun can’t help thinking as the Fighting Junior was informed that they would have to meet Kang Sora again. He can’t help feeling excited at  the thought of seeing her doll like features again.


The four were asked to gather at a stadium dressing room and pretend that they were just lounging about. Kyuhyun brought out a harmonica, wet his lips and began playing a few notes. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder became recognizable from what he’s playing. Eunhyuk acted like he was irritated and asked him to stop.

There was a knock on the dressing room door. And there she is. The girl with the pretty forehead, Kang Sora, smiling shyly at her “brothers-in-law”. Kyuhyun’s eyes blinked in wide-eyed surprise several times but was quick enough to voice out a greeting. Eunhyuk extended his hand in greeting after Donghae and idn’t immediately let go.

“Aish! What are you doing Hyung!” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he slapped Eunhyuk’s hand away. He gave her a sweet smile in his turn.  “Did you come here because you are both awkward again?” he asked.

“I need to ask a favor from all of you but you all must be tired, right?” she said.

“We were tired…” Kyuhyun said but didn’t let them hear the rest of his sentence. “…but you came and it’s okay now.”

 She brought out gifts for them because she was going to ask them each a favor. “I want you guys to do some favor for me for my “husband”.”

“Wait. Let us ask you first. Have you two changed your pet names to each other?”

“What?  It’s not baby princess anymore?”  Kyuhyun cut in. “I kinda liked that if I could use it to call you.” He added in his mind.

“We should also think of something to call her but isn’t calling her sister-in-law a bit awkward too?” they asked each other.

“Princess sister-in-law?” asked Sungmin. Sora was amused.

“How could you even call her that?” Kyuhyun asked almost irritated.

“Baby Princess.” Eunhyuk blurted. Sora’s eyes grew wide.

“What’s wrong with you?” Donghae asked jealously.  “I’d like to call her Darling Princess instead.”

“Excuse me?” Sora asked perplexed.

“Let’s stop this.” Kyuhyun said. “Just tell us what you want us to do for you.”

Kang Sora voiced out her plans and requests for the guys to do to Leeteuk in her place. Kyuhyun ended up volunteering to do the back hug and the massage because in his mind he’s saying “I’ll only be doing this because of Sora.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Eunhyuk said. “We’re not done yet. Do you think we’ll be doing all this without any profit for us?”

The rest of them looked at him perplexed.

“She asked us to do so many things for her. Don’t you think it’s only right to ask something in return?” 

“What’s on your mind?” They chorused.

“Sora-sshi.” Eunhyuk made his face to look serious. “Could you set us up for a blind date?”

The three boys jaws dropped a t the mention of a possible blind date set up that turned into boisterous laughing and back-slapping.

“Why you…?! Hahahaha!!!”

“I can do that.” Sora quietly answered, trying to keep her laughter to herself successfully bringing out her  dimples instead.

“What?” The boys chorused. “Did you just say you can set us up for a date?”


“Wait. Tell me what types you are looking for first so I can find them for all of you.”

“We decide on actresses.” They chorused again.

“I want someone who can let me hug her.” Sungmin said.

“Then someone with a height of around 137cm should be found for you.” They joked.

“I’d like a like who has fair skin and big eyes.” Eunhyuk then said.

“Why don’t you grow your eyes bigger first.” Says Kyuhyun.

“What about you Master #3?” They said.

“You should find a girl who is the third in her family and who is about 133cm tall.” They teased him. “Or someone who has three siblings.” And they burst out laughing at Donghae.

“What about you Kyuhyun-sshi? What is your ideal type of girl?” Sora suddenly asked seriously.

Kyuhyun couldn't help but swallow hard before answering. “I’d like to meet someone who has a pretty forehead, someone who’d look good even if the hair is brushed or combed back.” Then he looked straight at her. “It would be nicer if that someone also has dimples.”

“But you have to promise to me that you’ll do what I ask you to.” She said looking at them hopefully.

“Of course. Of course.” They all said. That is why on one of the night’s the SS4 concert was held in Seoul, Kyuhyun found himself sneaking into Leader Leeteuk’s assigned dressing tent (they are divided into groups per tent) trying to look innocent.


“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the other tent? Go ahead , go there.” Leeteuk told him as he got prepared for his solo performance. But Kyuhyun just edged closer to Leeteuk and stutteringly explained his presence there while starting to massage the leader’s shoulders and back. He even included the thighs and face in his “service”. 

“Hey! What do you want? I’m getting nervous with you.” Leeteuk said trying to look serious. “Come on tell me, I’ll give it to you if I can.”

“Nothing Hyung.”

“Aish. This is not the normal you Kyuhyun-ah. Tell me what you really want and be on your way.”

“Ahh, hyung. I’m only trying to be a good maknae to you, that’s why I’m doing this.” Kyuhyun answered as he wrapped his arms on Leeteuk from behind. “This is for you Sora.” He thought.

Part 2


forehead lovers!! lol *pinch kyuhyun*

you expecting them??
since her is teuk virtual wife and teuk is one of kyu's fave hyungs,
i wonder how they face this situation /doubleslap/
hahaha makes me more curious bout the next chap..
waiting dear :)