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sugar milk

A Little Too Not Over You Chap. 4/4 Scattered

Title: A Little Too Not Over You Chap. 4/4 Scattered   
Pairing: WonKyu, KyuSeo-hoping and begging >.<
Cast: Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun, Seohyun
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1400 +
Disclaimer:  All subjects of the story belong to themselves although I want the boys to be mine @.@
A/N: Sorry for the wait. I couldn't quiet find a proper ending for this.

A Little Too Not Over You chap. 3/4 A Glimpse of Butt cheeks

      The door of the bathroom suddenly opens, revealing Seohyun with only a towel not much wider than three hand spans wrapped around her still wet body. Siwon gulped and hurriedly turned his back towards her.

     Seohyun let out a giggle. “What’s wrong,oppa?”
     “Um, I-I think I should go out first so you can dress up.” Siwon stammered.

     She purposefully bumped into him as she pretended to look for clothes in her dresser. Siwon stiffened in shock while Seohyun is smirking to herself. He can smell the sweet scent of the bath soap she used to clean herself up, it made him inhale sharply. She then fully pulled out the drawer containing all her underwear, spilling it’s contents on the floor.

     “Oh, gosh!” she pretended to exclaim and quickly squatted to ‘pick’ things up but actually messing it even more.

     “H-here let me help you.” Siwon offered, not actually knowing how to pick up her scattered underwears. He also squatted in front of her nevertheless to help, holding the drawer for her to put the clothes in.

     “That’s okay, oppa.” Seohyun said holding on to Siwon’s arm seeming like she was stopping him but actually steadying herself as she leans in for a kiss.
      “Hey! Choi Siwon! What’s taking you so long?” Kyuhyun’s voice boomed in the doorway.
      Seohyun stretched her other hand to the back of Siwon’s head, lunged forward and kissed him on the mouth just as Kyuhyun appeared by the door.
      Kyuhyun was shocked by the sight that greeted him. “What the hell is the meaning of this?!” he shouted.
      “How can I?! What the f*** Siwon?! What the f***?!!!! How can you do this to me when I’m just outside this room?!” Kyuhyun cried out throwing his arm about.
     “Stop it! Stop it Kyuhyun-ah!” Siwon shouted as he tried to stand up and make Kyuhyun stop the rush of anger
     “I-It’s not what you think, Kyu. It’s not.” Siwon said finally able to control Kyuhyun’s hands.
     “Then what is it? Tell me!” Kyuhyun tried wriggling out of Siwon’s hold but he can’t.
     “He came on to me.” Seohyun quietly said, now sitting on the floor amid the scattered clothes.
     “W-what?! N-no!! That’s not what happened Kyuhyun. I swear!” Siwon said bewildered by Seohyun’s bold statement.
     “Then what did? Tell me. This is beginning to be interesting.” Kyuhyun said suddenly calming down.  
       Seohyun quickly started to tell. “It seems like he still can’t find any clothes that he likes when I got out of the bathroom. I didn’t bring any change of clothes with me inside and I needed to get some but Siwon oppa was still there in front of the dresser.”
       “Okay, and then?” Kyuhyun crossed his arm in front of him while Siwon has now covered his face with his hands and shaking his head. 
       “Well, then he turned around and saw me standing behind him and he was smiling kinda weird. He asked me if I needed to get something and he moved to the side a bit. But when I was pulling on this drawer, he started saying some nasty things in my ear. I was so shocked, I pulled the drawer all the way out so the contents got spilled like this.”
       “No! no, no, no! That’s not what happened! I swear Kyu! That’s not what happened!” Siwon said in his panicked voice. Kyuhyun just looked at him curiously.
      But it seems Seohyun is not done with her story yet. She began sobbing as she continued.
     “I quickly crouched down to try and pick up my clothes; I was shaking so I can’t pick them up properly and then Siwon oppa  also came down and tried to kiss me, that’s when you arrived.”
     “WHAT??!! That’s not what happened Kyu! I swear…dear Lord I swear to you that’s not what happened!” Siwon’s eyes bulged out when he heard the rest of the story he started wagging about his hands, a look of helplessness etching on his face.

     Something clicked into place Kyuhyun finally decided. He walked over to the dresser and he kicked aside Seohyun’s under wears with a look of disgust on his face.
      “Actually there is no doubt in my mind who is telling the truth and who is not.”  he said as he started to slowly unbutton his shirt.
      Siwon turned around to find Kyuhyun unbuttoning himself. “W-what are you doing Kyuhyun?”
     “Uh-uh. Wrong question, hyung. It’s supposed to be, ‘What are we going to do, Kyu?’” Kyuhyun said as he stopped what he’s doing. “Come over here and help me out of my clothes.” He commanded.
     “W-what?!” although he hears it often enough in their own place, Siwon can’t believe Kyuhyun would request that in front of a girl. Evenmore, he can’t believe he’s getting turned on just by that simple command. He hurried over and did just what was asked of him.
     Kyuhyun looked Siwon in the eyes and smirked as the unbuttoning got done. He tossed his shirt towards Seohyun’s face, grabbed Siwon and spun him around pinning him to the dresser.
     It was Seohyun’s turn to have her eyes bulge out as she couldn’t help seeing Kyuhyun press his face into Siwon’s in a fierce kiss.
     Siwon got momentarily stunned but returned the kiss just as fierce and their hands began roaming each other’s bodies. You’d think they’d forgotten all about Seohyun’s presence the way they grope each other,  you’d actually walk out if you were in the same room with them in embarrassment.
     But they didn't know Seohyun and how her mind works now. Just as Kyuhyun and Siwon’s make out session is heating up by the moment and they really are becoming oblivious to their surrounding, Seohyun stood beside them, seemingly mesmerized at what the pair is doing up close.
     “Can I join in?”
     Both guys jumped in surprise at the sound of her voice, they bumped their heads together.
      “What did you say?!” Kyuhyun asked incredulously.
     “I said can I join in?” Seohyun said as a matter of fact.
     “NO!” Kyuhyun shouted, actually more irritated because they got interrupted than actually being surprised realizing what Seohyun wanted to happen. “Go away!”
     “I can’t go away. This is actually MY house.”
     “Then fine. We’ll be the one’s leaving. Come on Siwon, let’s just continue this at our place.”
      “No! no, no! Please don’t leave! I don’t want you to!” Seohyun said pleading. “All I’m asking is for you to let me join you.”
      “And who told you that I will let you join us?!” Kyuhyun asked.
     “I want to…”
     “Seohyun, please just stop this. Kyuhyun and I are now leaving.” Siwon decided to end the dialogue between the two.
     “I think I’ve changed my mind. We’re staying.” Kyuhyun said as he turned toward Seohyun, who backed away in surprise and found her way blocked by a wall.
     Her surprise turned to happiness making her heart beat wildly again when Kyuhyun leaned in to her neck, seemingly smelling her still fresh from the shower scent. She felt a shudder throughout her body she had to close her eyes when he spoke her name to her ear softly. “Seohyun-ah….Seohyun-ah…”
    Then, PLAK! Seohyun suddenly opened her eyes as she felt the sting on her face. She found Kyuhyun glaring at her and Siwon restraining him so he won’t hit her again.
     “Did you think I would let you get between me and my man just like that?!”
    “Kyuhyun please stop it!” Siwon begged.
   “Her moves are just so cheap, it’s disgusting!” Kyuhyun said still trying to lash out at her.
   “I don’t really care about Siwon-sshi. It’s actually you that I want Kyuhyun-oppa.”
    Kyuhyun stopped thrashing and Siwon let go of him when they heard of her confession.
    “I have really liked you since we were in high school. I couldn’t help myself when I saw you again.”
    “But you saw me and Siwon kissing after the program didn’t you? You should have realized that there is no point having that feeling for me and confessing.”
    “That only made me want you more! I only want you for myself Kyuhyun oppa! Please leave Siwon-sshi and be with me.” Seohyun said tears streaming down her face.  And she just continued mumbling after that, “Please be with me, Kyuhyun-oppa…please be with me…”
    Siwon and Kyuhyun looked at each other not quiet believing what they just heard. But they realized soon enough that something had gone terribly wrong inside of Seohyun.



good morning! I guess this is it. I got nowhere to go.

I hope you weren't disappointed. ^_^
morning to you too bb!! *.^
well, i must say that i have a tinny bit of dissappointment though...how come i not?after that not so innocent making out in front of that desperate girl i actually hope there'd be some NC-17 scene*uhuk* teehee...
Can i expect rated scene in the future? ^_^