Your Smile (2 drabbles)

Title:Your Smile
Characters: Kyuhyun x Siwon
Genre:  angst
Pairing: WonKyu ; Kyuwon
Disclaimer: I’d like to own them but they belong to each other. 

A/N: Because i missed writing  on lj. so I'm posting these here. hope readers still remember me and I hope they will enjoy this..

Part I: Cho Kyuhyun's

Choi Siwon works as an editor’s assistant in the company where this big management company sends their talent’s videos to be edited. And Siwon always has this ridiculous smile plastered on his face  whenever he is the one assigned to edit this particular group’s videos. This way, he always sees that gorgeous face with the sometime mischievous but more often shy smile of Cho Kyuhyun.

He knew he could stare at that face all day if not only for the fact that he’s doing it at work. Nobody knows this huge infatuation he has on the idol. He has never told anyone. Not even his bestfriend.

Never a day passes by that he doesn’t daydream about Kyuhyun and those smiles on those pretty lips.  And perhaps he really is dreaming about meeting Kyuhyun someday but he’s already worried that he might just embarrass himself from sheer heartmelt if he personally receives a courteous smile from his crush. Oh, he’d even content himself with a smirk just as long as it comes from Kyuhyun.

He laughs at himself sometimes from the sheer absurdity of his situation. How could he meet Cho Kyuhyun personally when he doesn’t even know anybody who knows Kyuhyun who could probably introduce them. He sighs again. For now he’ll be content with the reality that that precious smile is attainable only through his monitor.


Part II: Choi Siwon's

“HERO COP SAVES THE DAY AGAIN!” a new day, a new headline. He turns on the television the whole day just so he can catch a glimpse of him on the hourly news update no matter if it’s the same footage over and over.


“I want to be a hero when I grow up!” declared the boy with the deepest dimples he had ever seen. They weren’t friends, he just heard the other boy tell it to his other playmates one time he was passing the by the playground on the way to do an errand for his sickly mother. He stopped for awhile mesmerized with that face. He wanted to know the other boy’s name. He wanted to get to look at those dimples up close. But he hesitated. He now sees that this boy and his playmates are from the affluent part of town judging from their clothes and the bicycles some of them are riding on.

He lowered his head and heaved a big sigh and just continued walking. Deciding that he can never be friends with the good looking boy because of the difference in their social status. And walk away he did with his head still bowed low that he didn’t notice another group of boys heading to the direction he came from. Before he knows it, he was sprawled on the pavement with his mother’s medicine scattered all around from the broken container. And the boys’ he bumped into are stepping on all over it. “Umma.” He softly muttered as he choked back the tears as he looked on thinking about his mother and how he would ever replace it. 

He never thought he'd knew the dimpled boy personally when he helped him out in more ways than one. He was already thinking of ways to payback the kind hearted boy who introduced himself as Choi Siwon. But he never had a chance since he was taken  by his mother's brother to live in a far away town. He never really wanted to live with the old man because he distrust him.

And he had a reason to mistrust his mother’s brother when he didn’t make good of his promise to enroll him in school again. What’s worse is he was forced to work longer hours than most of his uncle’s so called ‘workers’. For he had a lot of ‘training’ to do to become a full fledged thief. Yes. That lowlife of a man he is so ashamed to call uncle is actually a small time crime boss.

He tried to run away countless times whenever they tried to make him do a certain job. But he always gets caught. And the result is not always pleasant. He gets beaten up much like the way the bullies he had before he was taken away.


The only thing that kept him willing to live is the thought that somehow Choi Siwon would come and rescue him again. That somehow he’d see those dimpled face once again. Though so many years passed since he’d last seen him he never lost hope. Until one day he indeed saw him again. In the newspapers and on television. Being lauded as a new breed of hero cop. He couldn’t help being proud of his old ‘friend’. But thoughts suddenly crossed his mind. “Would he still recognize me if I stand in front of him now?” “What would he say if he knew that the boy he helped out before turned into a bad guy?”

He then realized that he won’t have the courage to face Siwon anymore in this situation even if he remembers him. He’ll just content himself with watching out for him in newspapers and television. His hero. The dimpled boy he had always cherished in his heart.


sugar milk

MIINAH (Pretty Woman Revisited)

Title: MIINAH (Pretty Woman Revisited) P. 3

Authors: wonsu_garkyub and bl4ckm4lice

Characters: Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon, Kangin

Pairings: KyuHae friendship; WonKyu romantic

Rating: PG-13; rating could progress as the story goes along

Summary: Orphan Kyuhyun thought that he only needed to come up with money for his last term in school plus the graduation expenses and he’ll be on his merry way to looking for a job until he received a notice that a very long overdue house mortgage is threatening him with the loss of the only thing left for him by his parents…

Part 1

Part 2

“So, Kyuhyun,” Siwon began their conversation when the appetizers arrived. “Tell me about yourself.”

Kyuhyun tensed visibly and chose to glue his eyes to the salad in front of him.

“Come on,” Siwon coaxed again. “It’s pretty hard for two strangers to talk when we don’t know anything about each other.”

“Then why don’t you do it?” Kyuhyun said as he looked straight at Siwon, suddenly feeling less intimidated and more confident. Perhaps it was the kind smile from the man in front of him. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

The older man raised his eyebrows, a bit surprised but also amused at the same time. So the boy wasn’t all shyness and blushes. It only attracted him even more. “Well, I’m just your regular employee. I come here sometimes to unwind. But I’ve never seen you around. First time coming here?”

“You can say that. My friend took me here.”

“And left you there by yourself?”

“He has work to do,” Kyuhyun looked down again, wondering if Siwon had guessed about Donghae’s line of work— which was actually about to become Kyuhyun’s as well. “And actually, so do I.”

There was a slight pang of disappointment inside Siwon, though he still couldn’t believe it. Sure, Kyuhyun’s friend had that suave aura that attracted… how do you call them? Clients? But Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun was attractive alright, though in a whole different way. He exuded this cluelessness and reeked of inexperience. But Siwon wouldn’t know, would he? After all he had just met the boy today.

“Am I keeping you from work?” Siwon asked softly.

“I’m not sure,” Kyuhyun shifted uncomfortably. “To be honest, it’s kind of my first day.”

Funny how easy it was for the boy to play with his emotions without even realizing it. Siwon was practically overflowed with relief, never thought for once that Kyuhyun was lying. Maybe he was supposed to be more skeptical towards the boy who was a complete stranger to him. After all, he was trained to be skeptical since he was very young. But how could he be skeptical towards that innocent face?

The main course came and Siwon just had to hold back his chuckle at seeing the hungry look on the boy’s face. Kyuhyun dug into his food right away while Siwon watched, until Kyuhyun realized the stare. He looked up and blushed, “What?”

“Nothing,” Siwon smiled and began to eat his own food.

‘This man is strange,’ Kyuhyun thought. But he couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Siwon just looked so nice, so gentle… so out of his reach. It was a wonder why Siwon even wanted to talk to him, moreover treated him with dinner. Would Donghae scold him for accepting a stranger’s invitation? But then again, his supposedly new job actually required him to go with strangers...

The empty plates were replaced with dessert, which also served as a reminder that their dinner would end soon. That their time together would end soon.

“Any chance of you quitting your job?” Siwon suddenly asked.

“...Before I even begin? I don’t think so,” the younger man bit his lip. Before he knew it, the next words poured out of his mouth, “I need the money.” He blinked, wondering why did he let that slip in front of a man he just met. Reflexively, he searched for any sign of Siwon depreciating him --a sneer, a scoff, anything-- but he found none.

Instead, Siwon had this thoughtful look on his face and said, “What if I tell you I have a job opening?”

He would’ve choked if he had food on his mouth. “W-what?” He almost thought it was a joke, but Siwon looked serious. “Are you...?”

“I’m offering you a job,” Siwon said, almost in disbelief with himself but without even an inch of hesitation. “If you’re willing.”

“But,” Kyuhyun swallowed, hoping so badly that this wasn’t just a bad joke, “but you don’t even know me.”

That was true. And Siwon didn’t care. All he wanted was to see Kyuhyun again. “A personal assistant. My personal assistant,” Siwon said. He couldn’t miss the tense and nervous expression on Kyuhyun’s face, so he hurriedly add. “Look, you don’t have to answer right now. You...” he gulped, feeling as nervous, “You can think about it. Meet me again here, tomorrow, if you decide to accept my offer.”

“But... but why?” There were so many questions behind it-- topping them was why would Siwon offer a job to someone who wouldn’t even give him his family name.

Feeling that ‘I don’t know’ wouldn’t be a satisfying answer, Siwon opted to avoid the question and said, “Just think about it.”

The last ten minutes of their dinner were silent. At the end, Siwon took him back to the spot where Donghae left him. Coincidentally, Donghae was already there, waiting for him and raising his eyebrows at the sight of Kyuhyun with a tall man.

Siwon just nodded at him, smiling at Kyuhyun, and left.

“...Okay?” Donghae said, unsure.

“This would sound absurd,” Kyuhyun said. “But he just offered me a job.”

“...You mean a job, like my job, or...”

“No,” Kyuhyun took a deep breath.

“Who is he?”

“I don’t know.”

“But you want to take that job.”

“Stop me,” Kyuhyun half-pleaded, looking lost.

Donghae stared at him and blinked. “I want complete story. We’re going home.”


     “That’s just really it. He just asked me to have dinner with him, saying he doesn’t want his reservation to go to waste. Nothing more, nothing less.” Kyuhyun tells Donghae as they got off the bus.

     “But why would he invite you to come with him if he’s not interested in you?” The older one says.

     Kyuhyun continued walking while searching his memory of his first meeting with Siwon.

     “I don’t know. He never said anything that would indicate he’s THAT kind of ‘interested ‘ in me. He didn’t even know what work I was talking about and he didn’t insist on knowing.” He naively answered. “He just asked me if I could quit my job because he wants to offer me one. As his Personal Assistant.”

     “I suggest you accept the offer. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about you.”

     “Why should I? We don’t know each other. He just offered it to me out of the blue.”

     “Then think of it as just some random newspaper ad you came across.  You don’t usually know the person who offers the job in those ads.”

     “Should I really?” Kyuhyun asked.

     “Aish, kid! Why so doubtful? If I were you, I’d be thanking all the saints in heaven by now for keeping me away from the dirty job my friend is in.” Donghae said as they continued walking.

     “Don’t say that.”

     “Why shouldn’t I? I’m in a dirty job am I not?”

     “Are you mad at me? I won’t accept it if it would make you upset.” Kyuhyun said falling behind Donghae.

     “No I’m not.” Donghae stopped walking and looked  back at Kyuhyun and sighed. “Look, you don’t know how relieved I am that instead of finding a ‘client’, you found someone willing to give you a job even if he still hasn’t seen your credentials.”

     “Then I think I should prepare one when we get home.” Kyuhyun tagged Donghae and started running.



     Choi Siwon was trained to handle the family business from the time he started school up to his graduation in college when his parents held a party  not just to commemorate his stellar finish (magna cum laude in Business Administration) but also to officially turn over the handling of “the Corporation” to him. Siwon knows that he should be grateful for being born in this environment with nothing to worry where his next meal will come from (owns several grocery stores and restaurants) or where he could stay for the night (has houses in every major city in Korea plus sole ownership of one or two 5-star hotels). He had been running the Corporation for almost three years now and many people believe that he’s been doing well, added to the fact that he is charming and kind hearted. But since he started he hasn’t taken a leave or vacation and handling of business matters is never stress free just like today when he’d only want to get out of the conference room filled with people wagging folders in front of his face. Right now, he just feel so burdened. So alone and lonely. He tried to find his right-hand man/lawyer/college friend Kim Young-Woon also known as Kangin. Somebody said he went out of the room to answer a phone call.

     Siwon thought for a while then immediately got up and headed for the door.

     “Where are you going Mr. Choi?” and “Are we going to cancel the meeting, sir?” Was asked of him when they saw him move to the door while putting on his coat again. But he never answered any of them. He just headed straight to the private elevator and pressed “B”. Yeah. He just wanted to get out of there.

      Good thing he has the car key. He knows how to drive, but most of the time somebody drives for him. It’s either Kangin or a personal assistant.  From childhood he always had a chauffeur.  And that’s the only problem with him. He doesn’t know how to go to other places because he doesn’t pay much attention on the way to and from school then, much less the way between work and home now.

He only thought about getting out and away from the office.

     Siwon’s life is in turmoil. Yeah, he’s doing a great job as the new company president even at his young age. That already is an edge but since he’d known the family business from he was a child, he always knew what the company needs and what it doesn’t. He knew he couldn’t suggest it easily even if they own the company. The businesses were at least doing okay. But this was before the expansions and the merging. So he waited for his time. He studied hard and he did good in school.

     His life is in turmoil because recently, the elders of the family (his parents and grandparents from both sides plus aunts and uncles of all sorts) have been talking about setting him up for marriage.

     They said this is a good time since he’s doing great at the company he should now turn his attention to his lovelife.

     (“What fucking lovelife are they talking about??! I don’t even have a fucking life of my own! Fuck all of them if they ever do set me up for a fucking marriage that I don’t want. Nobody among them knows me anymore. I don’t even know me anymore. I am tired of this fucking life!”) He said all of this in his fucking head while he smilingly greet all his relatives last night, as they all sat down at the huge dining table at the Choi mansion, because he is not the type of person who curses when he’s mad or pissed off. He’d most likely just walk away than verbally abuse every person or things that get in his way. That’s why he’s also known as “Mr. Cool”.

What no one knew was the fact that his lack of interest towards marriage wasn’t solely because work overwhelmed him.

It was because he was not interested in women.

His mind fled to the young man from yesterday. The young, awkwardly attractive man named Kyuhyun.

So obviously his motive wasn’t so pure that he would help a stranger to get a job, especially since the job was as his very own personal assistant.

But he hadn’t been selfish when his father taught him how to become his successor since a very young age, taking away all the laughter normal kids enjoyed.

He hadn’t been selfish either when he missed all the parties normal college students went to, since he had been an apprentice in his father’s company outside his classes.

He hadn’t even been selfish all his life.

So he allowed himself to be selfish a bit, and for the first time in his position, he hired someone by himself. Well, would hire, to be exact, since Kyuhyun had yet to say yes. He knew no one would question it. After all, he was the new company president and it was normal for him to have a personal assistant.

As he drove to the place he met him yesterday, Siwon felt like a child again, when he used to pray. He hadn’t prayed for a long time. Now he prayed that Kyuhyun would show up.


     Donghae is still yawning as he lazily scratches his butt cheek when he came out of his room. He found Kyuhyun at the dining table writing up something. He must have been so concentrated that he doesn’t notice his friend creeping up on him. He gave a jump when Donghae touched his shoulder, wanting to see what he was writing.

     “Ah, a resume.” Donghae then snatched the paper from Kyuhyun to read it better.

     “Hmm, kinda impressive, but shouldn’t you add my name as one of your character references?” he said smirking at his dongsaeng.

     “Sure, give that back to me and I’ll write you in. How should I put in your job description…” Kyuhyun took the paper back and made a show of writing something “…entertainer of little old ladies.” He looked up to see Donghae staring open-mouthed at him.

     “Oh no, no, no…” Kyuhyun said suddenly standing up and coming over to Donghae. “..I didn’t mean that, Hyung!”

     Donghae blinked his eyes to try and stop the tears that were coming.  “That’s a cute way of describing my job. You could really put that in you know.”

     “I’m sorry! That was insensitive of me.” Kyuhyun was fidgeting with his pen.

     “No. You’re just being your truthful self. Excuse me, I have to got to the bathroom.”


    Donghae came out a few minutes later, refreshed and surprised to find Kyuhyun outside the bathroom door holding up a note saying “I’ll never be tactless again, promise!” and in small letters he added, “What should I do for you to forgive me?”

     Donghae couldn’t help but laugh, “Just do a good interview and get that job!”


     They decided to go again together since Kyuhyun will meet up with Siwon at the bar where they first met. Donghae hang out with Kyuhyun [while waiting for clients at the same time] wanting to meet his friend’s soon to be employer formally.

     “Donghae-sshi, What time did we arrive here last night?”

     “About half past seven or almost eight, I guess.” Donghae answered.

     “Well it is almost eight now. Where could he be?” Kyuhyun whispered. “He even looks the type who never gets late.” He thought.

     “Did you both actually agreed to meet back here?”

     “Huh?! Oh gosh! Wait! I remember what he said, he said ‘meet me again HERE, tomorrow when you decide to accept my offer’ he said “here” when we were at the restaurant not ‘here’ at the bar!” Kyuhyun facepalmed himself. “Oh gosh! I think I screwed up my interview!”

     “Hey. Calm down. It’s not entirely your fault. Both of you didn’t clear up your meeting place.” Donghae said rubbing Kyuhyun’s back.

     Kyuhyun can’t help feeling disappointed, can’t help feeling that he may just have to continue doing his first option to earn money. He looked at his watch again. It’s already 10 minutes past 8.

     “I-I think I know where I need to go.” Kyuhyun said as he stood up and left his friend dumbfounded.

     Siwon was indeed at the restaurant, inside the same private dining hall where he and Kyuhyun had dinner last night. He had already ordered dinner for both of them but he instructed the waiters to bring in the food only when Kyuhyun arrived. He kept looking at his watch noticing at the last glance that it’s already a few minutes past 8pm. “Where could he be? Was I too straightforward with my offer?”

     He then thought back to their conversation, trying to remember what he said. ‘meet me again here…” HERE. He’s sure that that was what he told Kyuhyun, for them to meet back at the restaurant.

Then another thought flashed through his mind. Did Kyuhyun refused his job offer by not coming back to meet him?

     “No. Please don’t continue in that job!” he said inwardly and hurriedly rushed out of the dining hall.

     Kyuhyun was trying to put back his portfolio back into his bag as he was hurriedly walking out towards the hotel lobby that he didn’t see the person heading towards his direction. The other person was glancing at his watch to notice him coming head on. And they crashed.

     Kyuhyun fell to the floor stunned, clutching at his forehead which hit the other person squarely on the shoulder. The man gained his balance and almost got mad at the person who bumped into him when he noticed Kyuhyun holding his head.


“Were you hurt?” he asked while stooping down.

     The voice sounded familiar Kyuhyun thought and slowly raised his head and found himself eye level with Choi Siwon with only a few inches separating them. 

"Eh," Kyuhyun blinked stupidly. "You're here."

"No, you're here," Siwon couldn't help but grinned. "I mean-- this means you agree to my job offer, right?"

"I was waiting for you at the bar," Kyuhyun spurted lamely, sounding like accusing the person who had been so kind to offer him a job. But Siwon didn't look like he mind it. Instead, his grin only grew bigger and offered his hand.

"I hope you can start tomorrow."


sugar milk

The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Title:  The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Author/s:    wonsu_garkyub and happybluebastard

Characters:  Kyuhyun, Siwon, Leeteuk, Kang Sora, Eunhyuk, Donghae

Pairings:  WonKyu, TeukSo, EunHae, KyuSo hopeful

Rating: PG

Summary: The very first time he saw her, he thought she was the one. She’s cuteness personified. She can be elegant and dignified at one time then giggly and girlish the next. Plus there’s this one special thing that attracted him the most….

If there are some things that Cho Kyuhyun is consistent about telling time and again during interviews, it’s his love for movie and television dramas and girls with pretty foreheads. 

Part 1

Wait, what? What am I doing. I’ve got Siwon to do that for me. Kyuhyun thought out loud. The filming for Leeteuk and Sora’s show was over and the Super Junior members were getting ready to go out and celebrate a successful night.  Kyuhyun swung his feet playfully as he sat high on top of stacked chairs, waiting for his hyungs to come out of their waiting room. But Sora’s image was burned in his memory. And for some odd reason, he even felt jealous of Leeteuk who hours earlier got a warm backhug from the actress.

Kyuhyun remembered how soft her hands were when they shook hands earlier. Her eyes twinkled every time she smiles. And there were her cute dimples that made her look cute. Oh, and her forehead. The Super Junior members found it weird whenever Kyuhyun talks about his ideal type having a pretty forehead. For Kyuhyun, however, it was a pretty sight. He has seen people with pretty foreheads before but it never complemented their over all appearance. Like this girl he was paired up with in the Chinese version of the show. It was like she was all forehead. Airport runways crosses his mind whenever he turns and faces the girl. How glad he was when he learned he only need to film for a few days!  Phew! Sora’s, on the other hand, complemented everything. Her complexion was milky white and her forehead’s width was proportional to her face. Kyuhyun wondered how it feels like to have his hands on Sora’s forehead.

 “Hey there! You with that dreamy look on his face! Were you fantasizing about me again?” Siwon chuckled as he called out on Kyuhyun from below.

“O-of course not! You’re the only one who does that! You fantasize about me everyday and it always shows.” Kyuhyun teased while Siwon laughed.

“How about we head out to the car first and I’ll tell you how I fantasized about you today? I know you’re curious about that.”

“Last time you told me that,I ended up missing one whole day of rehearsals!” Kyuhyun stuck his tongue out. Siwon laughed and held out his hands. “Alright, I won’t force you then. Just come down from there. It’s freezing in here.”

Kyuhyun shifted in his seat and slowly he let himself fall into Siwon’s arms. Kyuhyun beamed at Siwon and patted the older man’s arms.

“Hyung~ I think I’m jealous.”

Siwon let Kyuhyun down on his feet and looked at him worried. “Jealous? Why? I told you not to believe in those rumors. They won’t do you any good! Like that last time-“

“I’m jealous of Leeteuk hyung.”

“I told you she was just a fr- wait, you’re jealous of Teukie hyung?” Siwon asked. He was surprised that Kyuhyun was jealous over their leader and not him. “You’re jealous of Teukie hyung? And not because of my dating rumors?” Kyuhyun nodded as Siwon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Well that’s new. Somehow I feel jealous of Leeteuk hyung right now.”

Kyuhyun laughed at how Siwon was acting. “Hyung, it’s not like that. I was just jealous how Sora backhugged him earlier. I don’t even know why I was jealous but it felt that way.” He linked arms with Siwon as they paced towards their van since waiting for the other members seemed to be taking forever.

“So you were jealous when Sora hugged Leeteuk? You wanted to be... hugged by her?”

Kyuhyun felt nervous with SIwon’s question. He always found this as one of the hardest parts of their relationship, truthfully telling each other their current worries, issues, and whatnot.

“That’s alright. I know you’re a fan of hers and I understand your feelings for her.” Siwon said while they settled inside the van.

“You mean you’re not mad?” Kyuhyun sat beside Siwon and embraced him; all the while his head rested on the older man’s chest. He finds it enjoyable to cuddle especially when it’s snowing outside.

“Why would I be? It’s not like you desire her or anything, right? It’s a simple fan crush or something like that.” Kyuhyun anxiously nodded his head and agreed with Siwon. Definitely, he can’t bring up how he wanted to touch and feel Sora’s forehead earlier.  He wouldn’t want Siwon to know how much he wanted to do that unless he wants the two of them to break up.

“I may not be an actress but here..” Siwon put one arm over Kyuhyun and pulled him closer to his body. “I can still give you warm hugs, can’t I?”

“Thank you, hyung~” Kyuhyun replied with the cutest expression he could muster. Just as when he was about to kiss Siwon, their vehicle’s doors swung open and the rest of their fellow members stepped in.

“We told you guys to wait for us and here you are making out! I swear if Kyuhyun was a girl, you’d have dozens of babies right now.” Leeteuk nagged at the couple. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but to annoy his hyungs even more. He grabbed Siwon by the hair and started kissing him. This sent most of their members in a fit of embarrassment and annoyance. Donghae and Ryeowook were, nonetheless, fascinated and even cheered on for Kyuhyun to kiss Siwon more.


Servings of grilled meat flooded their tables. Good thing the Super Junior members, with their managers and staff, went to the restaurant in such a late hour since they can fill up half of the restaurant at one seating. Hours passed and most of them were already drunk. People started dancing around the place, others already went home, while a number of people continued the night’s celebration at karaoke bars.

“Leeteuk hyung, is Sora a good person? I mean, is she a really nice person or all of that were just for show?” Kyuhyun curiously asked the leader not without making sure Siwon was headed to the bathroom before asking.  Leeteuk was surprised by the question. Since when did he became interested in learning more about Sora, Leeteuk thought.

“I don’t know her very well yet, but as we spend time together, little by little I get to know her. I think she is a beautiful person inside and out. In fact, we’re going out tomorrow.”

“You’re filming the show again?”

“Just me and Sora. No cameras or filming crew. We’ve decided the best way to know ourselves better was to go out and have fun together.”

Just then Kyuhyun’s light bulb lit up. He reached for the soju and beer on their table and started mixing them for Leeteuk. “Hyung here. Let’s toast for your long and happy marriage!” Kyuhyun blurted out as he pushed the alcoholic drink to Leeteuk.

“Ah Kyuhyun, you know that I can’t drink well.”

“But it’s for you and Sora! Just this once hyung, please?”

There was nothing Leeteuk could do except accept the drink offered by Kyuhyun. One of his weaknesses in life was their maknae. He would do anything for his group’s beloved maknae. “Alright give me that. Just for tonight.”


It was about half past three in the afternoon and Kyuhyun nervously waited at a coffee shop. Leeteuk told him that the place was safe for celebrities to go to since the place was quite secluded and security was good. This was the place where Leeteuk and Kang Sora were supposed to meet but the former wasn’t able to go because of a bad hangover. Instead, Kyuhyun volunteered to go in his place.

“Oh there you are. Have you waited long? I’m sorry. I’ve just finished filming and the traffic wasn’t that good.” Sora explained as she greeted Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun offered her a seat and explained how Leeteuk wasn’t able to come.

“He really wanted to go out with you today and since he doesn’t want you to be disappointed, he told me to go with you on his behalf.” Kyuhyun lied. He deliberately made Leeteuk drink alcohol last night so he could go out with Sora today. Knowing that Leeteuk is a good person and wouldn’t let Sora be disappointed, Kyuhyun has volunteered to help him.

“So what do we do first?” Kyuhyun meekly asked.

“Leeteuk and I were planning on cooking up something today then we’ll eat it together at my place. Since you’re the one I’m going out with, we can change it to what you want to do.” Sora smiled.

So this is how it feels like to be with Sora! God thank you for making Leeteuk hyung’s alcohol tolerance level very, very low! Kyuhyun said to himself as he smiled in awe as Sora’s face beamed.

“I’m fine with cooking and eating! Let’s do whatever you planned on doing, everything’s fine with me.” Kyuhyun excitedly said. This has to be the best day ever.


They started off at the grocery to buy their needed ingredients. Kyuhyun was amazed at how childlike Sora can be once inside the market. But then he noticed that Sora wasn’t good at choosing the food items. For example, he had to stop Sora from buying old tomatoes and pineapples. Kyuhyun’s not an expert in doing the groceries but he knows that some of the items Sora chose were nearly rotten. It was Kyuhyun’s principle that all his – their food, should be cooked using the freshest ingredients available. After buying what seemed to be the freshest ingredients at the market, they headed off to Sora’s apartment to cook.


Kyuhyun hurried back to the dorms as soon as his date with Kang Sora was over. As soon as he reached the dorms he headed straight towards Donghae’s room and started knocking at the door.

“We’re busy right now, come back later!” Eunhyuk’s voice echoed from Donghae’s room. Kyuhyun knocked at door again. “It’s me. Let me in!”

“Kyuhyun? Can you wait for a while? We’re in the middle of something important. Ah!” Donghae yelled. Kyuhyun continued knocking at the door until Donghae opened the door for him. Kyuhyun ran towards Donghae’s bed and glanced at what Eunhyuk and Donghae was doing.

"We're busy right now maknae. Hae! Hurry up we're near the monster boss.” Eunhyuk said as he pressed on the game controller’s buttons quite furiously.

“Don’t mind him Kyu. What’s wrong?” Donghae glared at Eunhyuk for not being worried at their maknae.

“Hyung, I feel stupid. And embarrassed.” Kyuhyun confessed at Donghae. Donghae wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and comforted him. “I shouldn’t have gone to Sora’s place. I shouldn’t have gone with her in the first place!”

“Why’d you go out with Sora anyway? Leeteuk hyung’s supposed to go out with her today, right?” Eunhyuk asked as he played.

“Leeteuk hyung is sick so I volunteered to go for him. And now I feel so stupid!! Argh!” Kyuhyun threw himself at Donghae’s bed and started rolling about, messing up the bedsheets and pillows.

“Kyu, is Sora so smart that you felt stupid before her?” Kyuhyun wildly threw a pillow at Eunhyuk’s direction. “Heh, you missed.”

“Tell me what happened Kyu.” Donghae said as he motioned for Eunhyuk to be quiet.

“We went to the grocery to do some shopping since we’re supposed to cook at her place. She was beautiful and smart and everything, but she doesn’t know the difference between fresh food and a nearly rotten one. And we’re supposed to cook and eat them! You know how I don’t like people messing up with my food.” Donghae nodded in agreement.

“Then we went to her place. Her place was lovely, it looked like Siwon hyung’s only hers smelled girly. There I found out that she can’t cook. Aaahh!! I’m going crazy! She burnt the food earlier! There was no other food available at her place so I had to cook ramen for us. Hyung, you don’t know how hungry I am right now!!” Kyuhyun complained, tears welling up his eyes.

“So... why’d you feel stupid? Isn’t all of that just normal? I bet it’ll even be funnier with Leeteuk hyung.” Donghae offered the maknae some tissue.

“Hae, it’s because Kyuhyun has a crush on Sora.”

“What did you say? Since when have you been crushing on her? You’ve got Siwon already!! Hyukkie, you’re aware of this and yet you didn’t tell me?” Donghae frowned at Eunhyuk who acted like he didn’t hear anything. “So that’s how you are huh? Anyway, Kyu since when did you developed this crush on Sora?”

“Ever since that day we met her at the theatre. You know I have this thing with foreheads.”

Donghae pondered for a while and then started laughing. “Hyung, are you alright? Even you are going crazy because of me!”

“No, Kyu. I’m still fine. It’s just that I figured out why you’re attracted to Sora. I think you missed Siwon very much.” Kyuhyun cast a confused look at Donghae.

“Besides her forehead, I also think that you’re attracted to her dimples. Siwon has dimples too. Surprisingly, Siwon’s forehead and dimples are similar to Sora. That’s why every time you see her, Siwon comes into your mind! And because Siwon was so busy these days that he hardly had anytime for you, you’re missing those things – those body parts, that you like the most in him. The reason you’re disappointed and why you feel stupid after spending time with Sora is because you found out that Sora’s very different from Siwon! Aawww, you’re so cute when you’re in love, Kyu!” Donghae said as he finished off his explanation with a hug.

Kyuhyun was surprised at how fast Donghae deduced all of those things. He was even more surprised that when he thought about it, Donghae was right. If there was a contest for the biggest moron on earth, Kyuhyun thinks he should have the title.

“Quick where’s Siwon hyung right now? Do you know?!” Kyuhyun yelled at the both of them. It was supposed to be a normal dialogue but he was so excited that he didn’t mean to yell at them. Eunhyuk stood up and got something from his bag.

“Here, use this. It’s my itinerary for later. Siwon and I were supposed to go to Manila later. Since you’re so excited to see him, and I’ve got some unfinished business to do, why don’t you go ahead and go with Siwon? I think that trip will last for four days.” Eunhyuk smirked and passed Kyuhyun a piece of paper with his itinerary on it. “His at his apartment getting ready. You’ll have to hurry since it’s almost – Hey! I’m not finished talking yet!”

Kyuhyun grabbed the itinerary and bolted out of their room as he yelled ‘thank you EunHae hyungs’.

“That was so sweet of you Hyukkie. Let’s finish this game. Remember, the winner gets to be on top.”

“Like hell I’d let you.”


“Hyuuung~~!” Kyuhyun cried out as soon as Siwon opened the door. They fell down on the floor as Kyuhyun jumped on Siwon, showering him with kisses. “Hyung hurry! Take off your clothes, we don’t have much time..”

“Wait... Why? I’ve.. got a flight.. to..mmph” Kyuhyun didn’t let Siwon continue on. He kept on pressing his mouth at Siwon’s, nearly suffocating him.

“Hyung, I missed you very much! You don’t know how much, but I do! That’s why I’m going with you to Manila.” Kyuhyun quickly said as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Seriously? I thought you’ve got schedules for this week? And what about Hyukjae?”

“He’ll be arriving later. I don’t care about my schedules, for just this week. All I want is to be with you hyung!” Kyuhyun said as tears fell down his face. Siwon got up and enclosed Kyuhyun in a warm, tight hug. “I’m sorry hyung. I just missed you, that’s all. Please don’t leave me alone again.” Kyuhyun cried as he hugged Siwon tighter.

“Of course I’m going to take you with me! Your flight was supposed to be the later one, manager thought you’ve got schedules today.” Siwon reassured his lover. “But first! You smell like burnt meat. Did you cook again? I told you if you’re hungry you can ask me or Ryeowook to cook for you. Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll wash your back, come on.” Siwon winked as he raised Kyuhyun up. As the both of them stood up, Kyuhyun’s stomach let out a loud growling sound. Siwon laughed at how red Kyuhyun’s face was.

“I’ll cook for you first. You sounded really hungry just now.” Siwon chuckled. “You can shower while I cook.”

“But hyung..” Kyuhyun shyly said. “ said you’re going to wash my back.” 

“How can I wash your back and cook for you at the same time?” Siwon asked trying to keep a straight face.

Kyuhyun looked down and pouted. He really wanted to get it on with Siwon right at the moment because honestly, he’s now horny as shit.  But then again when the two of them starts doing it, it goes on for hours. “Okay. Eat first, fuck later.”

“It’s incomplete. Eat, SHOWER, THEN fuck till you can’t stand up anymore.” Siwon teased him.

“Heh! We can do that when we get to Manila, you know? Now go ahead and cook for your hungry lover.”


Oh Leeteuk oppa? How are you today? I did what you told me to, but I think I overdid it. He looked traumatized when he left my place. –Sora

Don’t worry too much about maknae. He’s just like that since he misses that person. ^^ – Leeteuk

So Kyuhyun has a girlfriend? I hope he feels alright now. Oppa I hope you get well soon! See you next week ^-^ -

Leeteuk giggled as he read Sora’s text messages. He felt very accomplished by preventing Kyuhyun’s crush on Sora to develop. He felt even more accomplished now that he knows that Kyuhyun is still in love with Siwon. Leeteuk’s phone beeped again and excitedly he opened the text message hoping it was from Sora.

Hyung, you know that I’m going to leave Manila first right? Aren’t you afraid of what’s going to happen to Siwon and Kyuhyun for FOUR days? Alone? Here? In this tropical country full of beautiful beaches? – Hyukjae

Oh just now, I heard them doing ‘fantasy special night’. Hyung I think I’m not going to get any sleep tonight. Why did I have to be roommates with manager hyung? Why didn’t you send Hae here with me? . – Hyukjae

Come to think of it, Hyukjae was right. He remembered when only Siwon and Kyuhyun were asked to do  a cf in another country a couple of years ago. When they came back, Kyuhyun never slept in his shared bedroom again. He just kept his things there and slept with Siwon every night. And ever since then, when Kyuhyun and Siwon are together in that bedroom, everyone has become inventive in trying to be somewhere else rather than to hear the moaning and groaning and headboard crashing onto wall. Frantically, Leeteuk speed dials their manager and orders for Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Eunhyuk to go back to Korea, together at the same day. WonKyu fans may hate me, he thought, but I must protect our maknae until they get married!


The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Title:  The One with the pretty forehead…and dimples

Author/s:    wonsu_garkyub and happybluebastard

Characters:  Kyuhyun, Siwon, Leeteuk, Kang Sora, Eunhyuk, Donghae

Pairings: WonKyu, TeukSo, EunHae, KyuSo hopeful

Rating: PG

Summary: The very first time he saw her, he thought she was the one. She’s cuteness personified. She can be elegant and dignified at one time then giggly and girlish the next. Plus there’s this one special thing that attracted him the most….

If there are some things that Cho Kyuhyun is consistent about telling time and again during interviews, it’s his love for movie and television dramas and girls with pretty foreheads. 



Their Leader Leeteuk has just started to take on the role of the father for the new season of Hello Baby when it was also announced that he is also going to star in the series We Got Married. Everybody was hooting and patting him in disbelief.

“Who will that unlucky girl be?” was the question most asked.

“I don’t know either.” Leeteuk good-naturedly answered. “But they say they’ll film our first meeting next weekend. That’ll only be the time that I’ll also meet her.”

“Pahh, why do we have to wait that long to meet her?”

“Apparently, she’s also very active and busy with her own career.”

“First, you got a baby. Then you got a girl group to be the mother of your baby, and now this? You’re going to be married to an actress? They should’ve picked one of us instead for ‘We Got Married’!” Eunhyuk protested.

“Maybe Leeteuk hyung is dying and the producers are making his wishes come true.” Kyuhyun said.

“Kyuhyun! How could you say that to our leader? He’s not dying! He’s just getting older – and weaker.” Donghae pointed out to the maknae.

“Hey! Hey guys! We’re supposed to be discussing my marriage, not my age.” Leeteuk said.  “Besides, once in a while the leader of the number one global hallyu idol group should experience the joys of having a baby and a wife before going into army.”

The boys of Super Junior burst out in hysterical laughter. “Hyung, you just made it sound like you begged the producers to have you as their lead!”


Leeteuk’s first meeting to the mysterious girl who is going to be his ‘wife’ will be in a theater. Leeteuk will wait for her at the seats while four members  will watch over them in the projection room.

Leeteuk’s heart was beating a thousand beats per second as he waited inside a deserted theatre where they were supposed to meet. An actress was going to be his wife and now his nervousness has reached a whole new level.  Suddenly the projector went on and showed a short clip of the actress. Leeteuk was just amazed on how beautiful Kang Sora is. He had been smiling ever since the clip started , his cheeks were hurting. Suddenly just as the clip has finished Kang Sora entered the theatre. She was looking chic in a black mini dress with her hair stylishly tied up. Her skin was porcelain-like; her eyes sparkled and her smile was warm; her dimples were just perfect.

“Teukie hyung is so lucky!! Kang Sora is so pretty... I think hyung is the luckiest man on earth.” Sungmin shook his head in astonishment.

The four of them – Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Donghae – were requested by the show’s producer to guest for the first episode just to make the ratings go up. Leeteuk was unaware of them being on the show.

“Just look at her. Her perfectly shaped body, her milky white skin, her eye smile, her – ”

“Her forehead.”

“Her forehe- wait what? Kyuhyun don’t mix your weird fetishes with mine.” Eunhyuk said as he playfully mocked the maknae.

“Well I think her forehead is pretty and cute. See? It has just the right width and it looks so smooth!” Kyuhyun pointed out.

“Hey Hyukjae! What did you say about her?” Donghae said with a tone of disapproval. He kept on glaring at the blonde man.

“N-no Hae. I was just saying it for the cameras. The viewers should know how Kang Sora looks like.” Eunhyuk quickly said in defense.

Even after they were allowed to take a break – since Leeteuk and Sora were taking a very long awkward time to talk – Kyuhyun kept on thinking of how pretty the actress was in real life. He had seen her in movies and dramas but never did he imagine that he would be able to see her in person. Everything about her was perfect. He thinks its funny how he’d catch himself smiling and staring at Kang Sora, her pretty forehead and cute dimply cheeks.

Kyuhyun mentally slaps himself. What was he thinking? This girl is his big brother’s “wife”. How could he “fantasize” about her? Specifically her body parts. Now that’s not right. It makes him seem like a pervert.  But he couldn’t help it, he really finds her features too  cute and he really liked looking at it  that’s why he peeked thru the small window again.   


“Hey Kyuhyun, your lips looked a bit chapped.” Sungmin said and broke Kyuhyun’s daydream.

“Too bad Siwon is not here to lend you his lipbalm!” Eunhyuk teased the maknae.

Kyuhyun was startled at the mention of Siwon as he touched his chapped lips. He smiled to himself. He’s been missing the big guy so much lately - Siwon had to do other projects as a solo artist, particularly as an actor- and he had to do it so far away from the group that he had to miss on the other activities as well.

Now Kyuhyun is  doing some side projects of his own. Recording several singles. Doing commercials. Starring in a  musical and just today appearing as part of Fighting Junior, a group “dedicated to appear in times of awkwardness” between Leeteuk and virtual wife Kang Sora. 

“Aaahh, Sora-sshi! Why do you have to be so cute. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind.“ Kyuhyun can’t help thinking as the Fighting Junior was informed that they would have to meet Kang Sora again. He can’t help feeling excited at  the thought of seeing her doll like features again.


The four were asked to gather at a stadium dressing room and pretend that they were just lounging about. Kyuhyun brought out a harmonica, wet his lips and began playing a few notes. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder became recognizable from what he’s playing. Eunhyuk acted like he was irritated and asked him to stop.

There was a knock on the dressing room door. And there she is. The girl with the pretty forehead, Kang Sora, smiling shyly at her “brothers-in-law”. Kyuhyun’s eyes blinked in wide-eyed surprise several times but was quick enough to voice out a greeting. Eunhyuk extended his hand in greeting after Donghae and idn’t immediately let go.

“Aish! What are you doing Hyung!” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he slapped Eunhyuk’s hand away. He gave her a sweet smile in his turn.  “Did you come here because you are both awkward again?” he asked.

“I need to ask a favor from all of you but you all must be tired, right?” she said.

“We were tired…” Kyuhyun said but didn’t let them hear the rest of his sentence. “…but you came and it’s okay now.”

 She brought out gifts for them because she was going to ask them each a favor. “I want you guys to do some favor for me for my “husband”.”

“Wait. Let us ask you first. Have you two changed your pet names to each other?”

“What?  It’s not baby princess anymore?”  Kyuhyun cut in. “I kinda liked that if I could use it to call you.” He added in his mind.

“We should also think of something to call her but isn’t calling her sister-in-law a bit awkward too?” they asked each other.

“Princess sister-in-law?” asked Sungmin. Sora was amused.

“How could you even call her that?” Kyuhyun asked almost irritated.

“Baby Princess.” Eunhyuk blurted. Sora’s eyes grew wide.

“What’s wrong with you?” Donghae asked jealously.  “I’d like to call her Darling Princess instead.”

“Excuse me?” Sora asked perplexed.

“Let’s stop this.” Kyuhyun said. “Just tell us what you want us to do for you.”

Kang Sora voiced out her plans and requests for the guys to do to Leeteuk in her place. Kyuhyun ended up volunteering to do the back hug and the massage because in his mind he’s saying “I’ll only be doing this because of Sora.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Eunhyuk said. “We’re not done yet. Do you think we’ll be doing all this without any profit for us?”

The rest of them looked at him perplexed.

“She asked us to do so many things for her. Don’t you think it’s only right to ask something in return?” 

“What’s on your mind?” They chorused.

“Sora-sshi.” Eunhyuk made his face to look serious. “Could you set us up for a blind date?”

The three boys jaws dropped a t the mention of a possible blind date set up that turned into boisterous laughing and back-slapping.

“Why you…?! Hahahaha!!!”

“I can do that.” Sora quietly answered, trying to keep her laughter to herself successfully bringing out her  dimples instead.

“What?” The boys chorused. “Did you just say you can set us up for a date?”


“Wait. Tell me what types you are looking for first so I can find them for all of you.”

“We decide on actresses.” They chorused again.

“I want someone who can let me hug her.” Sungmin said.

“Then someone with a height of around 137cm should be found for you.” They joked.

“I’d like a like who has fair skin and big eyes.” Eunhyuk then said.

“Why don’t you grow your eyes bigger first.” Says Kyuhyun.

“What about you Master #3?” They said.

“You should find a girl who is the third in her family and who is about 133cm tall.” They teased him. “Or someone who has three siblings.” And they burst out laughing at Donghae.

“What about you Kyuhyun-sshi? What is your ideal type of girl?” Sora suddenly asked seriously.

Kyuhyun couldn't help but swallow hard before answering. “I’d like to meet someone who has a pretty forehead, someone who’d look good even if the hair is brushed or combed back.” Then he looked straight at her. “It would be nicer if that someone also has dimples.”

“But you have to promise to me that you’ll do what I ask you to.” She said looking at them hopefully.

“Of course. Of course.” They all said. That is why on one of the night’s the SS4 concert was held in Seoul, Kyuhyun found himself sneaking into Leader Leeteuk’s assigned dressing tent (they are divided into groups per tent) trying to look innocent.


“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the other tent? Go ahead , go there.” Leeteuk told him as he got prepared for his solo performance. But Kyuhyun just edged closer to Leeteuk and stutteringly explained his presence there while starting to massage the leader’s shoulders and back. He even included the thighs and face in his “service”. 

“Hey! What do you want? I’m getting nervous with you.” Leeteuk said trying to look serious. “Come on tell me, I’ll give it to you if I can.”

“Nothing Hyung.”

“Aish. This is not the normal you Kyuhyun-ah. Tell me what you really want and be on your way.”

“Ahh, hyung. I’m only trying to be a good maknae to you, that’s why I’m doing this.” Kyuhyun answered as he wrapped his arms on Leeteuk from behind. “This is for you Sora.” He thought.

Part 2
sugar milk

MIINAH (Pretty Woman Revisited) p1

Title: MIINAH  (Pretty Woman Revisited) 

Authors: [info]wonsu_garkyub and bl4ckm4lice

Characters: Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon, Kangin

Pairings: KyuHae friendship; WonKyu romantic

Rating: PG-13; rating could progress as the story goes along

Summary: Orphan Kyuhyun thought that he only needed to come up with money for his last term in school plus the graduation expenses and he’ll be on his merry way to looking for a job until he received a notice that a very long overdue house mortgage is threatening him with the loss of the only thing left for him by his parents…

A/N: from 
[info]wonsu_garkyub this is my very first collaboration fanfiction with anybody so I am still kind of nervous to the outcome of this. I dreamed and I made my dream come true...


   Cho Kyuhyun is lying on his bed in his boxers (his sleeping gear) in the middle of the day. Instead of studying for his final exams he’s there trying to come up with ways to have enough money to pay for his last term and the graduation fees. His scholarship couldn’t cover his school expenses plus he needs extra money for his survival. He chose to live off campus and stay at the small house he inherited from his parents. The savings they left also wasn’t that much. Although a bright student he never realized that owning a house is not that simple. (Give him a break, he majored in music). He received a notice that the house mortgage hasn’t been paid for the last three years and that it is due in a few weeks. Or else….

     “Where on earth can I get that amount of money? And in three weeks?! Mom, Dad shouldn’t I just have sold the house back then and lived on campus instead of having this problem?” He said out loud. But he immediately covered his mouth and said sorry to the souls of his parents.

     A knock on his front door snapped him from his reverie. “Just a minute.” He said aloud as he hurriedly put on a loose pants and a pale blue shirt.

      As he opened the door a blur of a person rammed into him with a hug. “Kyuhyun-ah!” The bundle shouted.

     He thought he recognized the voice. “Donghae-hyung??!” he asked and held what he estimated to be the bundles shoulders away from him to try and confirm his suspicion. He’s right.

     “So what brings you back here?” Kyuhyun asked for he knew that Donghae and his family moved out of the next village to try and start “a new life in the city” after graduating from high school.

     “I want to find somebody I left behind here years ago.” Donghae said as he followed Kyuhyun to the small kitchen. Kyuhyun remembered he hasn’t eaten yet and he invited Donghae to join him. They continue to talk as Kyuhyun prepared a simple meal. Toast and Eggs.

     “No wonder you lost weight since the last time I saw you. You used to be almost the size of Shindong-hyung. Now you’re as thin as Hyuk…” Donghae pursed his lips as Kyuhyun looked back at him.

     “You were saying?” Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow as he began to understand who Donghae came back for.

     “Nobody. Just don’t pay attention to what I just said. Say can I crash here even for just a few days? I’ll help with some of the expenses of course. And we could start by going to the market or the grocery to buy some decent food to fatten you up a bit.”

      Kyuhyun just smiled. He can never say no because even though Donghae is a couple of years older than him and lived in the other village, he was such a good friend back then and they both know that the brotherly bond between is still strong after all these years no matter if one of them moved.

     They updated on each others lives to and from the market. But Donghae was holding back something from Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun felt it but didn’t force his friend to talk. He let Donghae use his old room since he was already using his parents’ bedroom after they passed away in a car crash a few years ago. He moved not because it was bigger but because he feels he is still connected to his parents in this room.


     “Hyung! I’ll be leaving for school in a few minutes, do you think you’ll be alright here while I’m away? I won’t be back until late in the afternoon ‘cause you know I still have to commute.” He told the door leading to the other room.

     He heard a loud yawn coming from inside then the door opened. Donghae stepped out clad only in boxers. Topless. One arm stretching up in another yawn while the other hand scratched his nape.

     Donghae blinked a couple of times to focus his sight. “Oh, Kyuhyun-ah on your way to school now? I’ll be fine don’t worry about me. Besides I’ll also be leaving this afternoon. For work. Nightshift.” Then he waved goodbye to Kyuhyun and went back to sleep.

     Kyuhyun is still puzzled with his hyungs behavior but he shrugged it off thinking that he has much bigger problems to solve right now.


      Kyuhyun arrived back home just as Donghae stepped out of the bathroom rubbing his hair with a thin towel looking a bit like this morning. Clad in boxers and topless.

      “You’re back.” Donghae smiled as he sees Kyuhyun putting down his things. “I have already cooked so you don’t have to worry about your dinner and just study for your exam. I’m just going to prepare for work right now.” Then he went inside the room.

      Kyuhyun went to the kitchen to look at the food Donghae prepared. There’s enough food for the two of them. He set up the table and called out to Donghae.        


 “Hyung! You have prepared too much food for me to eat alone. Come out now and let’s eat together before you go.”

     Donghae came out wearing a short faux-leather jacket and a thin v-neck shirt paired with a skin-tight jeans and boots. He found Kyuhyun staring at him with a slight arching of a brow. He laughed softly. “I know you’d be wondering why I have to go to work at night and by the look you’re giving me I can say that you’re trying to guess what I really do for a living.”

     Kyuhyun stayed silent. He’s letting Donghae gather up the courage to tell him his secret.

     “Can you please promise not to judge me? Well, at least not verbally because I know people can’t help what they think.”

     “I won’t. We’re friends and friends don’t judge each other. Besides, I know that you wouldn’t have been in this situation if there wasn’t a good reason behind it.”

     “Okay then.” Donghae puffed his cheeks and sighed.  “I’m a male prostitute.”

     Kyuhyun just kept silent. Donghae then continued.

     “You know what I wanted to be back then right?  Well, I only got to finish my first semester in college when we went to the city because my father became seriously ill and had to be confined at the hospital for a very long time. At first, I can still go to school and take care of him at the hospital later while my mother works. But I can’t focus on my studies anymore because I kept on thinking how we could actually survive now that our debts are starting to pile up even if my mother works at two jobs. Her salary almost always goes to the payment of hospital bills. My allowance for school and the house expense comes from loans from friends and family.” He stopped for a while and looked at Kyuhyun who only looked back at him with a nod that seem to say, “Go on tell me more. I’m here. I’ll listen to you.”

     So Donghae continued with his story.

     “I decided to tell my mom that I’m going to stop schooling and try to help her out-financially. She didn’t want to let me at first but I persuaded her. She told me I didn’t have any experience so how can I find work. I made a deal with her. I told her that I won’t stop going to school just yet unless I find work but she should stop going to her other job once I got one. She didn’t agree with that saying even if I find work, she’d still do her double job because she wants me to use the money I’ll be earning for myself and my studies. My father eventually died after about a year in the hospital and mom also got sick later probably because of working hard and a broken heart. She loves my father so much.” Tears started to roll on Donghae’s face as memories of his family flash through his head. He tried to continue but he can’t because he’s choking on his words. Kyuhyun went around the table to comfort him.

     “I won’t try to tell you to hush now because everything is going to be okay because it’s not. It’s not okay to lose your parents when you’re still young. It’s not okay when you don’t know what to do with your life because you have depended on your parents’ guidance so much. It’s not okay when you finally find yourself neck deep in debts you didn’t know your parents had and that you still have to pay for it. It’s not okay, really, it’s not.” Kyuhyun tried to look away and bite down on his quivering lips to stop his own tears from falling but he couldn’t. Their stories are much too similar to ignore. And he wondered if this is also the path that he’s gonna have to take in order to pay off his parents’ debts. He knows he doesn’t want to leave this house. This is the only thing that his parents’ have built from their own earnings and this is the only solid thing they have left for him.

     When the tears stopped falling and they are wiping their faces, they looked at each other and smiled sheepishly.

     “Can we eat now?” Kyuhyun asked to lighten their mood.

     Donghae laughed. “Of course.”

     They ate and they talked about random things but half of Kyuhyun’s mind is wandering off. Thinking if he had to, can he do what Donghae did to survive?


Part 2
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I Almost Didn't Catch your Name chap1 MPreg version

Title: I Almost Didn’t Catch Your Name  chap1 MPreg version

Pairing: WonKyu; KyuWon

Characters: Siwon and Kyuhyun, Kim Jung-hoon aka the Prince Manager, a toddler

Genre: AU/Mpreg/Angst

Rating: NC-17

A/N: Picking up where “The Curfew:All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” left off. 

Summary: What Kyuhyun felt for Siwon was the only thing that kept him going all these years and the fact that there is someone who reminds him so much of Siwon.



  He seemed surprised at what he heard but I felt his excitement as he started hardening inside me again. Yes, he hadn’t pulled out yet and I was already asking for more. Oh, god. I’m insanely beginning to love this man and I still don’t know his name yet.


     He kissed me. On My cheeks. My neck. My chest. And as he’s starting all over I knew I’m going to heaven a second time tonight. But before that gets underway, I need to at least know something.

     “Wait!” I said.

     “What?” he asked abruptly stopping his kissing but continued pressing himself to me.

     “Haven’t we forgotten something?” I held on to his hips, as his movements made my eyelids flutter again.

     “Condoms? Uhm? Isn’t that too late for now?” he said as he gave my shoulder a little bite.

     I chuckled at his statement. “Of course it’s not that silly. You’ve already spilled your seed inside me so that won’t be any use by now. What I’m saying is, haven’t you realized that we don’t know each other’s names yet?!”

     “Really?” he abruptly lifted his head from my shoulder. “But why do I feel like I’ve known you for a long time? Like we have already known each other before.”

     I smiled at the puzzled expression on his face. “That’s a cute thought, but you still haven’t told me your name.”

     “Then call me Siwon.” He said smiling, looking me in the eyes for the first time.

     I don’t know how or what to call it but when I looked back at that handsomely bedimpled face and staring back into his eyes, somehow I felt that whatever happens after this night passes, everything will eventually fall in place.



He had been spending every blissful night with Siwon for almost a week when he came home one day to cries of despair from her landlady and boss.

     “Kyuhyun! Kyuhyun! Where were you the whole night?!” they said in chorus.

     “Why what’s the matter?!”

     “Please help us Kyuhyun! You’re the only one who can save us!” they wailed.

     “From what? Tell me!” he asked, bewildered at their request.

     “Some mobster looking men came here and threatened me that they will burn the whole apartment down if we don’t try to convince you to marry their boss!” the lady who owns the small building said.

     “That’s what they also told me!” Kyuhyun’s boss said, his eyes bulging.

     “What?! Who were they? Did they tell you who their boss is?” he asked, bewildered. But slowly realization dawned on him.

     “I think I recognized one or two of them.” Kyuhyun’s boss said looking at him. “They seem to be working for Mr. Kim Jung-hoon.”

     Kim Jung-hoon? The only Kim Jung-hoon Kyuhyun he knows is the one who comes every night to the lounge where he sings. The Kim Jung-hoon whom he turned down because he doesn’t want to have any relationship with a man who keeps henchmen to look tough. Oh, God! What is he doing?

     “T-they said that as soon as you show up, we should tell you to go to this address…” The landlady handed him a piece of paper. “…or else they would do what they threatened us!”

     Kyuhyun looked up to see the two pairs of still terror filled eyes and decided to do something about it. Without anymore thought, he rushed back to his car and proceeded to the address on the paper. It was on an area at the edge of the city where old but elegant houses used to be. Now only a few of them seemed to be in use.

     He didn’t realize how scared he was until he has driven right in front of the house indicated on the paper. Kyuhyun never wanted to see that man’s face ever again but he made a situation he couldn’t just walk away from. Too many people will lose their homes and jobs if he doesn’t settle matters with him.

     Several men playing cards stood alert when Kyuhyun stopped the car. One of them seemed to recognize him and rushed inside. It wasn’t long before a few more tough looking guys emerged. They parted, revealing a man wearing an expensive looking business suit. He recognized him as the man who frequents the lounge.

     One of the goons who were standing outside his car signaled him to open the door and come out. Kyuhyun looked toward their ‘boss’ who looked back at him and slightly nodded his head while putting on an evil looking smirk on his face. It made him shudder.

     Kyuhyun tried to toughen up before opening the car door. The goon held his elbow and almost dragged him in front of his boss.

     “You shouldn’t do that to my future wife, you fool!” Kim Jung-hoon spoke in an authoritative voice.

     The goon immediately let him go and bowed down low several times towards Kyuhyun and his boss mumbling apologies.

     “That’s exactly what I came here for. Why are you threatening people around me?”

     “Oh? Did we really threaten anybody, boys?” He asked no one in particular, but the goons looked at each other knowingly.

     He stepped toward him and spoke in a low tone. “I have been waiting for your answer for several weeks now, Kyuhyun. Didn’t you think that I was serious about my proposal?”

     Kyuhyun stepped back when he moved toward him. “I’ll leave it up to your conscience if something does happen to your friends.” When he didn’t respond he took it as a sign that he had refused him. “You know what you have to do boys!”

     “Stop! Don’t do it! I’ll agree to your proposal. Just please promise me that you won’t hurt anybody.”

     “That’s not what I really want to hear but its good enough.” He took a step forward and put his arm on his shoulder. “Now I’m gonna take you home and introduce you to my parents.”

     He steered Kyuhyun toward his car. He looked back at her own.  “My car. Can I just follow you in it?”

     “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let my 'girl' drive by himself?” he took the set of keys that he was gripping in his hands and tossed it to one of his goons. “Bring his car to my house.”


      Kyuhyun didn’t know that they finally arrived at Jung-hoon’s ‘house’ when they entered a compound. He saw several cottage looking buildings here and there and the main house looked like a hotel.

     “Get off.” He commanded him.

     Kyuhyun was still hesitating when he opened the door to his side and dragged him out and pulling him toward the house.

     “You don’t go hesitating on me from now on.” He firmly said as they went inside. He pushed him to sit on a couch and asked the maid, “Are father and mother home? Tell them that I need to speak with them right now.”

     “Yes they are. I will tell them right away Young Master.”

      They were told to proceed and wait in the family library. Not fifteen minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Kim appeared.

     “Mama, Papa I’m glad you made time to for me.” Jung-hoon’s demeanor visibly changed. “I want you to meet Cho Kyuhyun, my fiancé.” He said as he held his hand and pulled him to bow down to his parents.

     “What fiancé? He’s not even one of the girl’s or boys I’ve seen you dating before?” Mrs. Kim  spoke up looking stunned at the sudden declaration.

     “It doesn’t matter, Mother. I’ve already decided that he’s the one I want to marry.”

     “You decided? What about him? Why do I have a feeling that he doesn’t have any say to this decision? He even looks unhappy.” Mr. Kim said curiously looking at Kyuhyun.

     Kyuhyun thought that was a window of opportunity for him to tell them that it really was just a one-sided decision. But Jung-hoon was quicker in responding.

     “Oh, you know how they are, Papa. They always become nervous when these things happen to them. It’s just his nervousness is overcoming his excitement that’s why he’s like that.” He turned to Kyuhyun blocking his parents view, glared at him but spoke in a sweet voice. “Come on honey. Smile for them so that we can have their blessings for our wedding.”

     Kyuhyun could have done a variety of terror stricken, sad or annoyed face just not to get that blessing but the stare he gave me reminded me of the threat that was still hanging over my head.


     After the meeting his life was never the same again. Jung-hoon brought him to live in his parents’ house after the ‘wedding’ so that he can ‘learn’ how to manage a household during their ‘honeymoon period’. Kyuhyun was never at ease in the presence of Junghoon's parents especially his mother who never ceases to throw haughty looks at him. As if he wanted to really be part of their family. Kyuhyun never stopped missing Siwon since then.

     Kyuhyun never had the chance to go back to Siwon and tell him what happened. Why they can’t continue seeing each other again. He was wishing in his heart of hearts that somehow Siwon had already felt the same for him although they met in an unusual circumstance and made love numerous times in just a matter of days. What Kyuhyun felt for Siwon was the only thing that kept him going all these years and the fact that there is someone who reminds him so much of Siwon.


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A Little Too Not Over You Chap. 4/4 Scattered

Title: A Little Too Not Over You Chap. 4/4 Scattered   
Pairing: WonKyu, KyuSeo-hoping and begging >.<
Cast: Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun, Seohyun
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1400 +
Disclaimer:  All subjects of the story belong to themselves although I want the boys to be mine @.@
A/N: Sorry for the wait. I couldn't quiet find a proper ending for this.

A Little Too Not Over You chap. 3/4 A Glimpse of Butt cheeks

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