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A Little Too Not Over You

Title: A Little Too Not Over You
Cast: Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun, Seohyun                  
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: All the persons in my story exist but they belong to themselves
      All of them just got here, waiting for the others who haven’t arrived yet. It’s the first time in five years that everyone of them will see each other again after graduating from high school, but Seo Joo-Hyun sits impatiently on the long bar couch.All of them just got here, waiting for the others who haven’t arrived yet. It’s the first time in five years that everyone of them will see each other again after graduating from high school, but Seo Joo-Hyun sits impatiently on the long bar couch.

     She couldn’t care less if more of them won’t come anymore, it’s just that she wants to see only one person. Cho Kyuhyun. The one and only Cho Kyuhyun. They were a pair back then. Everybody was even saying that they are compatible in every way, looks, height and even voices. Every time a school program is announced the whole school excitedly looks forward to their performance.
     They were a pair, yes. But that was only in her mind. Seo Joo-Hyun had always hoped that what the whole school thought of them were true. If only.

     She had always been impatient, unable to keep to herself what she had been feeling for Cho Kyuhyun. Seo Joo-Hyun couldn’t wait for him to say anything. She made plans, she’d tell him on Graduation Ball. Before they perform a duet, like always. This time it would be special. She would give him anything and everything. That’s how much she likes, no it’s called love, yeah, that’s how much she loves Cho Kyuhyun. And she couldn’t believe when he rejected her that night. The night she deemed would be special for both of them.
     That was a night Seohyun could not forget. Damnit!! How could you forget it when the boy you thought would be the one for you turned you down?! Turn you down and leave you with a heart broken into a hundred pieces.

     That’s how she felt but she still bravely performed even if she was hurting. Then she left. She asked her parents to send her to her grand parents. Where she remained until she graduated from college. But she felt she never really went away. How could she, when the broken pieces of her heart are still there?

   Or is it? Why did she suddenly feel breathless as she glanced towards the doorway?

     And there he is, Cho Kyuhyun, looking so much better than the last time they saw each other that fateful night. But it is still him, just like what her heart is whispering to her. She didn’t realize that she had some pieces of it left inside her and they are still beating for Kyuhyun.

     She craned her neck to see him better as he approached, while their old school mates were hooting and hollering for him to join them. He was smiling and waving at them, pointing at the phone he’s holding to his ear, signaling that he’d just finish his call and went out again.

     Seohyun was surprised that after all these years; she’d still feel this way with just a slight glimpse at Kyuhyun. She bit her lips, where did he go? She would have stood up and go after him in her impatience but he appeared again, tucking the phone in his pocket and waving to his old friends and classmates again.

     She tried to regain her composure, trying to contain her excitement. Yes, she’s excited, she can’t deny herself that. And then he’s there, right in front of her, smiling and extending his hand in greeting. She smiled back but she knew he felt the coldness of her hand. He just smiled some more and asked if he could sit beside her. Of course he could, she thought. She reserved the seat beside her just for him, hoping he’d really sit beside her.

     One of the organizers of the event came over to their table even before they can start talking to each other. They were asked to do an impromptu duet number, just like in high school. Kyuhyun looked at her with a face that asks if she would agree to the request, she hesitated for awhile, remembering the last night they had a duet. But she thought, “Why not?! This time it may be different, this time something might have changed.”

     “What should we sing?” she asked Kyuhyun and the organizer.

      “Ummm, why not sing ‘Maybe This Time’?” the organizer asked, winking at them.

     The two of them looked at each other and frowned, then burst out laughing. They eventually agreed to it and were left alone by the girl, but not before Kyuhyun whispered something.

     There wasn’t really any time now to catch up with each other’s lives. One by one games were initiated, food was served and numbers were performed. And then Kyuhyun’s phone rang, he answered it right there. Seohyun could only catch a bit of what Kyuhyun was saying but what startled her was the last words Kyuhyun spoke on the phone. “I Love You too.”

     Who was that with Kyuhyun on the phone? Who was that who made Kyuhyun smile to himself like that? Who was that who made Cho Kyuhyun say I Love You too?

     Kyuhyun asked to be excused from their table saying something like, “My friend said he’d like to see me sing so, I’m just going to sneak him in.” And off he went towards the door stopping by the organizers booth to say something.

     He came back with a taller man in tow. Literally in tow, because Kyuhyun held the other guys hand as he led him towards their seat.
     “Everyone, I’d like you to meet Choi Siwon, Siwon meet everyone.” Kyuhyun introduced, that elicited laughter amongst the people on the table. The Siwon guy mussed his hair playfully then casually dropped his hand on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

     “Come sit.” Everyone invited as they made space for him. Kyuhyun became sandwiched between him and Seohyun.

     “Oh, Siwon meet Seohyun, the very pretty duet partner I have in high school that I’ve been telling you about. Seohyun, this is Siwon.”

     “Nice meeting you, pretty miss.” Siwon said with a dimply smile as he offered his hand to shake. Kyuhyun slapped his shoulder.

     “Kyaaa! Stop that! You’re making me jealous!” And they all laughed at it. Seohyun felt her heart skip a beat with that remark; she can’t help but shyly smile.

     Kyuhyun and Seohyun were asked to participate in some of the couple games. She was a bit disappointed though when they were playing trip to Jerusalem where the girl will have to sit on the guys lap and they were eliminated on the first round. But she was happy enough that Kyuhyun held her hand.

     And then it was time for their number. Kyuhyun took her hand again and led her to the stage. She would have wanted the stage to be further so Kyuhyun can hold her hand longer, but alas, it was just a few steps away from their table.

     Everyone was clapping enthusiastically as the music started and Kyuhyun began singing. Seohyun can’t help but stare, mesmerized at the man and his voice, she almost missed her cue. What she really missed though was the glance that Kyuhyun throws at Siwon whenever he faces the front of the stage. How could she notice it, when Kyuhyun is holding her hand again? She’s now thinking to herself that maybe she’ll have a second chance at winning Kyuhyun’s heart this time.

     They were asked to do an encore and they gave in and Seohyun couldn’t be more happier with that, spending more time with Kyuhyun on stage and singing a love song to him, though he doesn’t realize that the part she’s singing is being sung for him. It’s because he was singing his part for someone who’s watching him proudly and so full of love.

     There was a loud round of applause as they finished and the host announced that it was the end of the program. Kyuhyun gave Seohyun a hug before offering his hand again to support her in getting off the stage.

     “I hope he’d offer to take me home.” She thought dreamily.

      Both of them are smiling, saying goodbyes and waving to the old friends who are now on their way outside, satisfied smiles on their faces.

     As the last of the person she is saying goodbye to moved off, she turned to find Kyuhyun hurriedly walking towards Siwon who took him in a tight embrace. They were laughing as they started swaying.

     “I’m so proud of you!” she heard Siwon say, but what startled her was Siwon’s next move. He moved his hand towards Kyuhyun’s face and kissed him. Not just a kiss on the cheek but a full on kiss on the lips that Kyuhyun seemed to be responding to eagerly.
    She could have thrown her bag at them as she burst out crying. Goosebumps spreading all over her skin as the sudden realization dawned on her why Kyuhyun turned her down then.The heart she thought had a chance of mending is now broken more than ever and what’s worse was the same man did it to her, again.

Chap.2/? Seohyun's Joyride


Thanks for reading and liking this ^.^
since you liked the first part I thought it's only proper to share with you again the latest and final update of my WonKyuSeo fic.

hope you'll also like it. :D
aww... poor seohyun...

well at least it's kyuwon, i feel less sorry. :D
Hey Cath!
Oh we're such bullies! lol
hey sugar!
well, if it were for them, i'd be bully for good.

I'm sorry for Seohyun but this IS a Wonkyu
story after all, so... *shrugs*

TT__TT Poor Seohyun but it's KyuWon, I can't not side with them. It's my first time to use my lj to comment on anything but have been a silent reader of kyuwon/kyuhae fics and i've read your other fics too :)
It's my first time to use my lj to comment on anything but have been a silent reader of kyuwon/kyuhae fics and i've read your other fics too :)

Is this true??! Really?!
Wooohhhooo!! Thanks for that! I made you come out and comment
is not a simple accomplishment. *hugs*
OMMO!!! i love you sweetie...for writing this wonderful wonkyu ff!
i want to cry but also laugh for Seohyun at the same time, if it is possible? Muahahaha...
But i am happy only because it's wonkyu, reading this fic makes me imagine if i were Seohyun, then it would be sooo heart breaking to know that the man whom we really love is actually a gay? poor girl...
Hey Baby girl. I feel happy that I made you happy reading this.
Hope you and your family is doing okay now.
Take care. *hugs*
Thank you for noticing me of your new fic.
I really feel sorry for Seohyun in this fic. But loving someone never assures that he or she will love you back, so she must face the truth.
Siwon always loves Kyuhyun's voice, right ;)
But not only his voice, Siwon loves everything about Kyuhyun.
Thank you :)
No problem with that,dearie.
I know how much you also love Siwon and Kyuhyun
so it's no biggie.

*loving someone never assures that he or she will love you back, so she must face the truth.*

You said it, babe. I'm sorry if the victim here had to be Seohyun
but it won't end up a WonKyu if she wouldn't get hurt here.

*But not only his voice, Siwon loves everything about Kyuhyun.*
Both #1 fanboy of each other no doubt!! :D
Hi dear, it's amazing, I really love it <3
Seohyun's emotion went up and down uncontrollably with Kyu's every actions...
We can feel it too when we're in love, right?
(and our emotions also can be controlled easily by our OTP's actions lol)

it's the story about love! thank you for sharing, it's my favourite :)
Sharing, it's what friends do, so no biggies love. ;D

Ahahaha! Seohyun's emotion here is still like that of a high school girl, but yes that's what we feel especially when WonKyu starts being so showy.

Oh baby! You're making me blush with your kind words. *blush,blush*
hey there~ XD

read this before i go to sleep. am a little sad for the poor girl but aah, you can't win against the power of wonkyu. better luck with another guy~

btw, do u know that i'm beginning to see the light of wonkyu lately ever since you came along? it's not my OTP but yes, i think i can see why it's yours and many others'. lol good job btw!
sorry for Seohyun but it's either her or no girl in the story at all but then that would be a different sotry altogether. *scratches head*

>btw, do u know that i'm beginning to see the light of wonkyu lately ever since you came along?<
glad that I made you see the light. *grinning*
Thanks for giving time to read, <3
[but you haven't told me your name btw.] xD
haha,okay. go ahead with the grinning~i know hw happy u are XD

i'll msg u XD
awww i wanna let u know i love this fic so much.
so true AWWW
thanks for loving this! I appreciate it very much <3
Maybe she also expected to be kissed, that's why she cried ;P

I soooooooooo LOVE your enthusiastic comment :))) Thank You!!!!
woah why am i so late!!
i just get to read this NOW..?:(
poor lil girl she just come in a wrong place and time
search again Seo you might find identical kyu that can collect your heart!

sorry if I sent a late note to you. I feel bad too :(

If only we can give Seohyun a Kyu look-alike! [but then again
we'd want him for ourselves too!!! kekeke~~~]
it's ok unnie i know we are both busy!!:)

yeah if there is one i will kidnap him for sure..hehe..
sorry Seo!NO MORE Kyu to you girl!XDD..
i feel like I want to laugh maybe because of the girl hahahaha XD anyway...i canot laugh at her...pity her but awww sweet WonKyu moment....I wish I had boyfriend right now ^_^ sooo sweet ^_^ your writing has met my expectation ^_^ it's lovely ^_^
Awww! I wish you'd also find somebody to love soon!

Glad I met your expectation. Thanks for your lovely comment :D