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sugar milk

Coming Back to Seoul

title: Coming Back to Seoul
pairing: WonKyu
characters: Siwon, Kyuhyun
rating: GP
genre: Humor

Ah, so early. Do the toilet thing first….

I’m so excited. Need to be squeaky clean…

Eating while dressing up. Need to hurry…

Ahh, I think this is too formal….

Change into a rugged outfit…

Should I take a bicycle?

A motorcycle?

A car maybe?

or I’ll relax on a plane…

Pah! I’ll just fly back there myself….

Ahh, finally arrived…

I’m back now my Love. stop crying….

What are you doing? Stop pestering me! Go back to those bikini clad girls!

They’re over there see?!

After all my effort in coming back here….

Awww, baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was just jealous. *hugs*

-the end-

cr to all pic and gif owners


woah so cute!!
siwon is really hyper to get too kyu!XDD..
kyu jealous*squeals*!!

and siwon pic after the 'Super Siwon' one is just amazing! i couldn't resist so i stole it,ok!
same thing happened to the rest of the wonkyu ones as well!:)
i hope you don't mind~!
I could only wish they were mine [the pics and
Siwon and Kyuhyun] so suit yourself honey!

glad you liked them ^__^
Can u tell mefrom what photoshoot is the 5th pic?
Ohmygawd,this is so cuteeeee...3♥♥♥
WonKyu FTW!