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sugar milk

Nothing But Your T-shirt On

Pairing: WonKyu
Characters:  Kyuhyun-centric
Rating: PG
A/N:  this isn’t what I was supposed to be working on tonight but I challenged myself into writing a drabble which turned into two.
Summary:Kyuhyun is feeling so lonely being away from Siwon for so long…thankfully he had some things that Siwon used to wear to keep him warm.
I White T-shirt

     The rest of the guys are almost done dressing up while I’m still trying to decide if I wanted to go with them. Maybe I’m having second thoughts because there had never been a friendly bout of drinking without you. Well not until recently. I just got used to you being always around me I guess.

     It’s getting late, the others are now finished grooming themselves but I’m still here trying to pick out clothes to wear, frowning at every designer outfit I find, throwing almost everything out of the closet until I ran across a shirt of yours. It was the plain white shirt you always wore during the song You and I on the Super Show concerts we had and I loved seeing you wearing it.  

     I wore it instead and put all the other clothes back inside the wardrobe. I just sent a message to the hyungs that I can’t come with them, claiming I suddenly had a headache. But really, all I wanted was to stay curled up in bed to wallow in the sadness of missing you.

     I just wanted to feel your warmth through your shirt that I’m now wearing. Somehow I feel peaceful snuggling in it. Thinking that in a few more days you’ll be coming back. Finally.
II  Blue Guitar Gods/Rolling Stones T-shirt

My Travel Journal 27 Oct. 2011
     It’s not even that dark yet on the first night of my vacation in another foreign country and my life got threatened. I didn’t know what to do and in my opinion so is the man who accosted me. He ran away for whatever reason after he pointed his knife at me.

     I hurriedly went back to the small bed and breakfast inn, barely greeting the owner who was telling me something about a phone call and dinner in half an hour.

     I shut the door and locked it, sliding down to the floor. Adrenaline rush must have kept me from crying but now that I have time to assess what might have happened to me, I felt helpless and alone. Wishing you were able to come with me, to be my companion, my protector, my lover. I know you are. I know we are. But I’ve been missing you so much these past few months this vacation isn’t helping in easing my longing for you.

     I’ll just come down to eat when I get hungry I decided and took a shower instead. With a towel around my waist, I rummaged the clothes in my luggage looking for one of several special things I brought that could get me through my lonely nights. Finally I found it. The blue guitar gods rolling stones shirt you once wore when we went overseas together. You looked so handsome when you were wearing it. I remembered asking you for it after it came back from the laundry. You just smiled and handed it over to me without complaint.

     And I remembered I was wearing it when you coaxed it off of me so that we can make love freely. Ahh, sex. Lovemaking. Making love with you. Feels like a long-time since we had been intimate when in fact we both sneaked off from where we both were and met somewhere in between, to make passionate love to each other until the small hours of the morning, until you have to go back to your filming set and I to the waiting group that is set to fly off to America.

     That was just a week ago, but it feels like a million years apart from you. Now wearing your shirt again, I imagine your strong arms around me, holding me tight never letting go. Never letting anything or anyone harm me, shielding me, protecting me, loving me. Until I come home at the end of my solo journey and until you’re totally done with your filming, I’ll keep wearing your shirts. Good night my love, sweet dreams. See you in a few more days. Chu~


Omo ~ Really cuuuteee > w < our babykyu he must be really miss him huh ? Oh .. I can feel the pain which is so terribly
punished kyu._. Poor Kyu !
Thanks for liking my Kyuhyun-centric WonKyu fic.
Just a few more days and they'll be together again. ^-^
You're welcome. I was in love with your stories even before I was logged in lj :3 nya >////< please continue your beautiful works *w* ~ aia just few more days <3 I'm soooo exited ... I think, more then our two hotties 8D aww finally ! I've missed missed wonkyu ~~
Very Kyute, loved the honesty that was present ^^ very subtle and pure :D