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When Siwon Heard The News...

Title: When Siwon Heard the News
Author: wonsugarkyu-b
Pairing: WonKyu
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun tweeted about something that happened to him in Spain and all their fans felt helpless, but how did Siwon react when he heard about it?

@GaemGyuChoKyuHyun스페인의 새벽.. 숙소를 찾아가는 이른시간 인적이 드문 곳에서 갑자기 내 옆에 붙어서 말을 걸던 청년.. 느낌이 안 좋았는데 느닷없이 칼을 꺼내들고 위협한다.. 정신없이 소리지르며 도망치니 포기하고 돌아감.. 혼자 여행하시는분들 조심하시길ㅜㅜ



A morning in Spain.. On my way back to the hotel, in a strange place,  a young man suddenly began to follow me and start up conversation.. I had a bad feeling about it, then he took out his knife and began to threaten me.. He hectically yelled at me, then gave up and ran away.. To those of you who vacation alone, please be careful ㅜㅜ


Siwon! Something happened to Kyuhyun in Spain!

Say what?!


Kyuhyun almost got mugged in Spain?!


Aish!! I told him not to go there by himself!


Bye for now. 

I need to go there and take care of my Kyuhyunnie.


lol. and by the time you get to Spain,
Kyuhyun will already be back in Korea. :D
thanks for the comment.
Lol this is funny dearrie

Good job!
thanks for the visit and for liking this.
whooooaaaa Siwon... you shouldn't let Kyuhyun go to spain by himself. nice :D
hey girl. nice seeing you here.
thanks for commenting and liking it. be chatting with you in
fb. :D

hey, remember about my frustration in not being able to post stories with the pics I upload?! well this is actually what I wanted to do there. :(
maybe I'll try again later.
U're welcome, dear :)

of course I remember it. yes, it's kind of difficult to post stories with pic on fb.
and I'm working on my fanfic now :D
hey congrats! i know you'll do great with it.
send me a note somewhere,lol, when you get done so I get
to be one of the first to read it okay?! FIGHTING!
okay. how about email?? cause I'm not confident yet to post in place where people can read it. and, would you mind to beta it while you read it before I post it here?? hehehe. if you don't mind of course.
ah, you're asking for my e-mail add. okay. be sending it to your pm. *shisus, I almost posted it here* lol
you can also send me a note here or on my tumblr.
thanks :D
bummer. your private messaging system can't be accessed 'cause I tried sending you my e-mail add and I can't get thru. >.
ooohhh really?? how about you send it to my fb??
oh. okay. when I go there then. see ya! ^^
okay, see ya. and thanks :D
That's right, get on a plane to Spain right now! ;D
Really hoped Siwon can do that 'cause in reality they say that
his filming schedule won't end until the 8th of November.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. ^.^
hahahahaha XD Go Wonnie Go! Go safe baby Kyu ^^ (this is funny ^^)
Glad you enjoyed this. :D
And the last picture is just great xD
hey!how are you?! I've missed you. *hugs*
I'm glad you enjoyed what I posted.
that last one is a scene from Poseidon, actually.
be sending you a pm if you don't mind. :D
Siwon it's all your fault!! you know kyu never lieten to words~!!
ma bbkyu almost got ripped to part..so you better be in the next plane to Sapin please!
it's all our wish that Siwon could indeed go to Spain
for Kyuhyun but darn his filming schedule...

thanks for your comment dear.:D
glad I made you smile when you read this.
thanks for the comment. :D

Siwon! i believe it's you fault!!
you are ALWAYS busy with filming!
now look what happened?? huh? huh? HUH?

this is so funny
hey cath!
glad I made you laugh with this. ^0^
Siwonie's fault -.-
why did you have to leave your KyuBaby huuuuuuuh ô.o ???
awesome :3
really I luv it *_*~~~
They're both coming back home soon, hopefully.

Thanks for the comment and for luving it. ;P
glad I made you laugh. thanks for the comment! ^^
LOL!!! Siwonnie, I'm sure Kyu took refuge in the house of your friend! Go there fast and mug the boy yourself!! xDxD